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Rutgers Steve Nyisztor leaves Baseball Program

Update on Jan. 29th: Steve has transferred to Louisburg JC in North Carolina according to Aaron Fitt of Baseball America.

Original Post

College Baseball Daily has learned that Rutgers infielder Steve Nyisztor has been declared academically ineligible and has left the university.

Rutgers athletic department spokesperson James Gill released the following statement about Steve Nyisztor’s status

“Steve Nyisztor has been declared academically ineligible and is no longer enrolled at Rutgers or a member of our baseball program.”

Nyisztor was rated by College Baseball Daily as the 55th best player in the country heading into the 2012 season. He missed the majority of the 2011 season with an undisclosed injury.

He had a solid freshman season .410 with four homers and 51 RBI while stealing eleven bases in 14 attempts. He played solid defense making only three errors and accumulating a .989 fielding percentage. He was named a Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American while being named Second Team All-Big East.

  • Rtg125

    Will you replace him in 55th place with another Team USA player or Cape Cod League All Star, if you missed any? A little shaky anyway seeing as he didn’t play in 2011.

    • He played in 2011 early and was considered going into 2011 as a first round pick for the 2012 draft. Steve was had a fantastic freshman season in 2010 even though he struggled when I saw him.
      I will NOT be replacing him on the countdown as the list is put together in early October from my entire staff observations.
      Brian Foley
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  • Jimmy

    sad news …. what makes a player ‘academically ineligible’ straight GPA or something other ? . More details would be good here i think . He is quite a player … i am sure he will land on his feet …. best of luck Steve !! 

    • It could be straight GPA or not having enough credits to meet the NCAA standards.

  • Baseball_100

    anyone know what his “undisclosed injury” was?

  • Guest

    sad ending

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