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Collegiate Baseball Newspaper releases 2012 Preseason Top 40

The Collegiate Baseball Newspaper has released their 2012 Preseason Top 40 poll. Florida leads the poll with SEC rival coming second place. Rounding out the Top 5 is Stanford at 3, North Carolina at 4, and Texas at 5. You can check out the full poll below.

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper’s
NCAA Div. I Pre-Season Top 40 Poll
(As of Dec. 19, 2011)
Rank School (’11 Final Record)    Points
1. Florida (53-19)            497
2. South Carolina (55-14)        494
3. Stanford (35-22)            490
4. North Carolina (51-16)        488
5. Texas (49-19)                485
6. Texas A&M (47-22)            484
7. Rice (42-21)                482
8. Arkansas (40-22)            479
9. Georgia Tech. (42-21)        476
10. Texas Christian (43-19)        474
11. St. John’s (36-22)            470
12. Louisiana St. (36-20)        468
13. Florida St. (46-19)            465
14. Miami, Fla. (38-23)            464
15. Louisville (32-29)            460
16. Oklahoma (41-19)            458
17. Arizona St. (43-18)            457
18. Georgia (33-32)            455
19. UCLA (35-24)                454
20. Arizona (39-21)            452
21. Cal. St. Fullerton (41-17)    449
22. California (38-23)            447
23. Vanderbilt (54-12)            445
24. Oregon St. (41-19)            443
25. Clemson (43-20)            437
26. Stetson (43-20)            435
27. Oregon (33-26-1)            432
28. Baylor (31-28)            430
29. U.C. Irvine (43-18)            425
30. Southern Miss. (39-19)        422
31. Missouri St. (33-23)        419
32. College of Charleston (39-22)    417
33. Virginia (56-12)            413
34. Georgia Southern (36-26)        412
35. Texas St. (41-23)            408
36. Central Florida (39-23)        406
37. Wichita St. (39-26)            403
38. Jacksonville (37-24)        400
39. Florida International (40-20-1)    397
40. Southern California (25-31)    395

OTHER TEAMS RECEIVING VOTES: Coastal Carolina, Oklahoma St., Charlotte, East Carolina, Kent St., Creighton, Oral Roberts, Troy, South Alabama, San Diego, Gonzaga, San Francisco, Fresno St., Hawaii, Dallas Baptist, N.C. State, Mississippi St., Auburn, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Stony Brook, Maine, Connecticut, Seton Hall, Notre Dame, South Florida, Liberty, Winthrop, Purdue, Michigan St., Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas St., Texas Tech., Missouri, Cal Poly, Long Beach St., U.C. Riverside, James Madison, Tulane, Houston, Manhattan, Rider, Central Michigan, Illinois St., New Mexico, San Diego St., Nevada-Las Vegas, Austin Peay St., Samford, Elon, N.C. Greensboro, S.E. Louisiana, Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana-Lafayette, Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, San Jose St., New Mexico St., Cal.

Updated: December 19, 2011 — 6:50 pm
  • Waltgreenberg

    Texas at #5???  IMO, they shouldn’t be in the Top 15, given they lost their two elite weekend starters (Jungmann, Green), 3 of their top 4 hitters from a team that was extremely offensive-challenged to begin with, and three-quarters of the defensive infield.  Yes, the still have quality pitching returning in Stafford, Milner, Knebel, Dicharry and Thornhill, but they no longer have the truly elite weekend starters they’ve had the past 3 – 4 seasons, and their offense could be pathetic.  Furthermore, their infield defense is almost assuredly going to be the worst it’s been in years.

    • The infield all around is going to be weak especially with Etier gone now….I don’t get all the love for Augie all the time!

      Southern Cal is a top 40 team? Come on!!!

  • Jimmy

    Good list, with all or most of the large name teams and suspects … Oral Roberts is mentioned and recived votes  ? hmmmm dont want to take anything away from them …., however , South Dakota State University ‘Jacks'(SDSU) beat them all season long … but i dont see SDSU posted or getting votes here – oversight i think. Mid level D 1 schools with a smaller populations dont generate much in the way of votes – even if they have a great team,some outstanding Bats,  and great win record. big vs small market team i guess !? Kansas Jay hawks should have been mentioned too,and at least generated votes too, in the mid west. the top 10 list are indeed powerful teams. no issue here . 

  • walthoward

    What about Virginia Tech they should have a good team this year

  • luvtopitch37

    Ditto on Virginia Tech—they should be good this year.  Six of their guys made Top Prospect list from summer leagues.  A very experienced pitching staff returns & hitting and defense should be solid.

    • My biggest issue with Virginia Tech is the fact they don’t really have a “shutdown” starter. I love Rash though.
      Brian Foley
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      • brianA

        Ya last year the pitching staff was pretty young but they have everyone back and supposedly they got some stud pitchers in the 2012 recruiting class

  • Jimmy

    yes VT need a shutdown,’lock them up’ starter … but your right on –  Rash has game !  

    • I think the shutdown starter is the key…A 8-3 season in the ACC can make a huge difference in the standings from a pure number 1. 

  • RobertL

    I see Joe Mantiply and Mark Zeccino being very good for VT this year

  • BGibson

    I agree I think VT is really a program on the rise much like Virginia was a couple years ago.

  • Wonder why Coastal Carolina didn’t make the list. They’ve been very good for well over 5 years with 3 or more 50 wins seasons, almost beat South Carolina in the super regionals in 2010 despite not having their 2 best All-American pitchers and losing a third pitcher in the 1st inning in game one of that super regional. Last year the made it to the regionals but got knocked out after winning their opener.

    They beat VT last year and College of Charleston. I know they didn’t have as great a year as the year before but they were consistently good which they have been for years. I guess its tough if you are not in the power conferences and CCU hasn’t gotten much respect despite being a great team the past 5+ years.

  • Nic Smith

    Is Nebraska going to be anybody soon?

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