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Texas Longhorns adding new video board at UFCU Disch-Falk Field

The Texas Longhorns will add a new toy to their already world-class stadium in 2012. Currently being constructed in right field is a new video board that will add some new flair for Augie Garrido’s club.

The video board is going up opposite of the existing scoreboard, just right of the 405 marker in the power alley.  The structure will measure out at 25.2 feet high, and 60 feet wide, and will display both teams’ lineups with a video display in the middle.

No official word yet on the fate of the existing scoreboard, but seeing that the new board makes no mention of score keeping, it would be safe to assume Texas will keep the existing structure in its current role, while shifting the graphics and video playback to the new board.

The Longhorns are also adding more permanent seating down the left field line, an area that previously featured a large grass berm for general admission seating.

One of the more pressing issues with the video board is the possibility of obstructing the view from the buses parked beyond the right field fence. For longer than CBD can recall, Texas fans have set up camp on Comal Street, parking vans and customized buses that offer a great view of the field from beyond the reach of Disch-Falk Field and the Big 12 rules regarding alcoholic beverages and sporting events. Last year, the existence of the buses were threatened by an ordinance-happy City of Austin, but order was quickly restored without incident.

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