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Number 1 Source for College Baseball News releases 2012 Top 50 Draft Prospects has put out their 2012 Top 50 Prospects. As I have been saying throughout the year, the 2012 college draft class is down with only 20 included on the list. Leading the draft class is Stanford RHP Mark Appel who had an outstanding summer with the USA National Team and in the Cape Cod Baseball League. The other two college players in the Top Five are Arizona State shortstop Deven Marrero at number 3 and Florida catcher Mike Zunino at number 5. The full list of college players are below. 

1. Mark Appel (Stanford)
3. Deven Marrero (Arizona State)
5. Mike Zunino (Florida)
6. Kevin Gausman (LSU)
8. Chris Beck (Georgia Southern)
10. Victor Roache (Georgia Southern)
15. Brian Johnson (Florida)
17. Michael Wacha (Texas A&M)
19. Marcus Stroman (Duke)
21. Kenny Diekroeger (Stanford)
25. Richie Shaffer (Clemson)
32. Kyle Zimmer (San Francisco)
34. Travis Jankowski (Stony Brook)
35. Tyler Naquin (Texas A&M)
37. Stephen Piscotty (Stanford)
38. Jake Barrett (Arizona State)
41. Branden Kline (Virginia)
45. Andrew Keaney (Oklahoma State)
47. Stephen Perez (Miami, FL)
48. Josh Elander (TCU)

You can check out full capsules of each player by clicking here.

  • Bill

    I still don’t get it about Perez. I just do not see what others see. In my opinion being from the Cape I saw quite a few SS that were just better especially at the plate. I wanted to believe the hype but I just do not see it. Not he is not draftable, just can’t figure out why ranked so high. Numbers also do not support it.

    • I think Coach Morris might have gotten into Mayo’s head with that selection. I saw Stephen play last year and barely even remembering him even coming close to making an impact. 

    • Yanely

      there is a player at Miami Michael Broad who for whatever reason no one talks about but have followed him for years and watched him in the little league world series, and he is the best all around player on Miami, and should be listed in the top 50 in the country and when the season will be over everyone will agree he is one of the top players in the country

  • Bill

    That should read – Not that he is not draftable.

  • Devan01

    Adam Brett Walker of Jacksonville University – Hit over .400 in college last year and is 21 for 21 in stolen bases.  Not to mention 6’5 225 lbs.   He had a rough Cape, but still led his team in RBIs & HRs which helped Hyannis to first championship in 33 years.  He also won championship in previous summer league play in the Great Lakes (2010).  Kid is a winner with some of the best power in the draft.  Somebody is going to miss out. 

    (Great Career OB% / OPS / BA #’s).  Versatile (OF / 1B)  —-  And he’s the 2nd youngest college draft eligible player in the Perfect Game top 300 prospects.  The only time he was ruled “caught stealing” in the cape – he was actually safe.  He was safe on a bang bang muff by the SS and ruled safe but caught stealing in the scoring.  Other than that scoring – He was perfect in Stolen BBases there too.  ADAM BRETT WALKER – Kid can rake.  His batting average in college with just balls in play was nearly .600  –  Hit in only 5 DP’s all college season as a 4 hitter and made only 4 errors as a 1B in 500 attempts.  Somebody is going to miss out

  • RSN32

    How about 2 top 10 kids from Georgia Southern!!!  Pretty darn impressive for SOCON club

    • It is very good for them…Roache is a BEAST!
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  • Kevin

    Two Florida kids in the Top 15. I like the Gators chances in 2012! 

    Brian, how do you feel about Zunino and Johnson? Is Johnson’s future on the mound or as a hitter? He’s got nasty stuff as a LHP but he did lead Team USA in homeruns over the summer.

    • I will be talking about both of them more when they come up on our Top 100 list. 

      Zunino is an interesting case and a couple of scouts were extremely unhappy with his decision this summer down the Cape. He only played in 11 games before shutting it down. 

      I like Johnson on the mound more then at the plate. I wish though that NL teams gave two way players a real chance to do both. Let him hit like three out of five days. 

  • Yanely

    Bill… there is a player at Miami who you never talk about but i have watched him for years since the little league world series named Michael Broad who is the best all around players on the team and a tremendous athlete with 5 tools who is one of the top players in the country when its all said and done this year… I Also heard that he ran a 6.5 60yd on top of being a tremendous hitter … I think its time someone talks about him and he gets his due

    • Broad was extremely unimpressive at the plate when I saw him last year. The kid can pick it with the best of them though and has plus speed. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      • Yanely

        from what im told he was injured all year and was shut down middle of season to end of season BUT his freshman year he was 2nd leading hitter batted .345 and heard he was back on track this fall again and had a awesome fall and is 100% healthy again. His biggest strength always was his hittingfrom what i saw and have heard from everyone

  • Sportzplayr1

    Brian attend florida southern game this spring on a friday night. They have a senior hitter by the name of mike snyder that has legit power when I saw him this fall and their friday night guy is a lefty senior thats a transfer from wvu I believe and was 89-92 the entire time I watched him pitch in a fall game against polk cc. Two guys that may not see much money come draft but have blossomed into serious prospects with big time talent and I think they will show that this spring.

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