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CBD Poll: Was Jordan Etier’s Punishment Justified?

It was announced on Monday that the University of Texas had dismissed Jordan Eiter from the baseball team after being arrested on Saturday evening for marijuana possession and resisting arrest. (Link) It seems to me that this decision was made very quickly by Texas without the student-athlete able to have a chance to protect himself against charges in a court. 

This is the exact opposite of what happened at Florida International last season with Garrett Wittels who was charged with raping a girl in the Bahamas but was not suspended by the school. (CBD Roundtable) FIU continued to stay behind Wittels and eventually the charges were dropped.

My question to you is what do you think of the decision of Texas to dismiss Eitner from the baseball program? Feel free to vote in the poll below and leave your comments also.

  • Utfan212004

    i am a huge supporter Texas Longhorns baseball. I know what Jordan did was wrong, however he should have had a chance to have his day in court before a decision on his playing status was determined…

  • Philafan20

    Didn’t his coach get a second chance after having a DUI? IMO..if he was a stud they would have backed him..they must have someone to replace he was made to be an example .

    • Texas actually announced yesterday that the aid package for CJ Hinojosa has been completed. Coincidence with Etier booted off the team? I don’t know

      • Marshall Dad

        Etier still has option to keep his scholarship money for the rest of the year. After giving him the quick boot, especially after what happened to Augie with the DUI last year, he should stay in school and give em the finger while he’s at it.

  • guest

    yeah, i’m surprised by it too. No doubt idiotic but you would think UT would send him to a drug awareness program or counseling. I know of athletes that have had run ins w/drugs/alch on campus and its always been handled differently. And what about the other baseball player that was involved? It will be interesting to see how he is handled by OSU

  • guest

    Tough to understand, all people make mistakes particularly college students. I believe a mistake like this deserves a second chance. I think there are offenses that don’t, but his is not one of them, keep in mind this is a college student here.

  • There is not a coincidence between C.J. and Etier being booted off. C.J. had already planned on being here.

    Also, this is not the 1st time that Etier had been in the doghouse with Augie.

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