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Snead State Baseball Coach Arrested

Casey Underwood, an assistant baseball coach at Snead State Community College, was arrested after an incident with basketball player Orlandis Hill outside of the school’s gym. The incident began as a fight between students when Casey Underwood and Women’s Basketball coach Jarrod Plummer intervened.

A report from WHNT19 News states:

Police say freshman basketball player Orlandis Hill suffered a broken nose. Hill told police a baseball player was throwing coins at him, and the two of them got into a fight.

“Other basketball players and other baseball players, along with personnel such as the assistant baseball coach and the women’s basketball coach tried to break up the fight,” said Chief Davis.

Hill told police baseball coach Casey Underwood grabbed him around the throat, slammed him to the ground, and shoved his face into the concrete floor. A city judge issued a warrant for Underwood’s arrest, and the coach turned himself in for simple assault, a misdemeanor.

Two days after Hill filed his police report, Underwood and the women’s basketball coach, Jarrod Plummer, filed their own police report against Hill.

The coaches said Hill was violent, attempting to strike and shove them, and Coach Plummer suffered a twisted ankle. Their complaint is for a felony.

“If there is a teacher involved that has been struck or injured, or a doctor, or law enforcement officer, then it is assault in the second degree which is a Class C felony,” said Chief Davis.

A felony warrant would have to come from the Marshall County District Attorney’s office, which has not filed charges against Hill.

As police conduct their investigation, Snead State is also trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Dr. Robert Exley, President of Snead State, released a statement on Tuesday.

“We take this situation very seriously, and we are currently conducting an independent investigation into this situation,” Dr. Exley said. “Because it is an ongoing investigation, we are not at liberty to say anything else at this time.”

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