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Pitt’s Joe Jordano talks about the move to the ACC

Pittsburgh head baseball coach Joe Jordano recently discussed his feelings about moving over the ACC in the coming years. “With the move to the Atlantic Coast Conference, the leadership of Chancellor Mark Nordenberg, Jerry Cochran and Steve Pederson have placed the University of Pittsburgh among the best academic and athletic institutions in the country. In particular, the ACC is arguably the best baseball conference in the NCAA and it will be a great challenge for us. I have a tremendous deal of respect for my colleagues and friends in the Big East and very much look forward to being a part of a new chapter of Pitt Baseball in the ACC,” said Jordano.

Several ACC coaches have questioned how the move of Pitt will affect the quality of the baseball. One ACC coach said to me that “Jordano’s job just got alot harder with the move to the ACC.”

Yes, it will get much harder for Jordano to win in the Big East but Pitt has been developing their program in the last ten years from being a middle of the road Big East program into become an upper echelon squad. The school recently built a brand new field turf stadium which will be serving as their home. This facility will allow them to host many more games during the spring even though the weather might not be the greatest but the field will be in excellent condition.

It should be interesting to see how far the Pitt program will rise with the conference change.

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