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Who has the Worst Uniforms in College Baseball?

Unless you live in a cave or under a rock, you saw the terrible Maryland Terrapins football uniforms that they featured last night on ESPN during their showdown with the Miami Hurricanes. Here are some of the worst uniforms in the history of College Baseball that we were able to come across. This includes some current day uniforms from Virginia Tech’s multiple crazy uniforms to Florida State playing with banana yellow uniforms (yes, pants too) during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

There are rumors that the Texas Longhorns had a full orange uniform in the 70’s or 80’s but we have not been able to confirm or deny the existence of such a uniform.

Do you know of any other really bad uniforms? Feel free to send them to us so we can include them (E-Mail). Pictures are much appreciated.

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  • Guest

    San Diego State All Black

    • Good call on those….Added them to the post with the Vanderbilt uniforms. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, of the modern ones SDSU is probably the worst. Really hard to mess up a college baseball jersey. Most of them are prety straight forward and have that nice “classic” look. 

  • I don’t remember who, but some team from Florida had the worst. They played UCon on ESPN back in May.  They looked like circus clowns,the poor dudes.

    • Ed,

      That would be Seton Hall as the Big East tourney was in Florida.
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  • How  dare you put FSU’s banana Sunday unis on this list. Who doesn’t like bananas? UF’s Met’s unis should be on list, but I’m a bit biased there. I really dislike Oregon’s O unis (green with a big yellow O on it). It reminds me of MLBs turn forward the clock.

  • Seton Hall copied the Astros as a tribute to Biggio…

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