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Should Arizona State move Baseball Games Off-Campus?

Jeff Metcalfe of The Arizona Republic recently outlined the reasons that the Arizona State Sun Devils should move all their games off campus starting in 2014 as part of the new Mesa (AZ) facility being built by the Chicago Cubs. His argument is the school would only have to pay two million dollars to use the new place during construction when compared to spending $20-25 million to rebuild current Packard Stadium to bring it up to standards. 

I tend to argee with Metcalfe here as Packard Stadium is in the back half of the Pac-12 in terms of facilities and keeping the costs down in the current economic climate is an important variable. The school would also be able to keep $1.1 million in annual revenue before sharing of concessions/tickets kicks in. This is double what the school currently receives from a soldout Packard Stadium for the entire season.

You can read Metcalfe’s entire article by clicking here.

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