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2012 College World Series Predictions

The first College World Series in TD Ameritrade Park history finished on Tuesday evening with South Carolina winning their second straight title. The Gamecocks were able to sweep the Florida Gators in two exciting games to open the new stadium the same way they closed Rosenblatt in 2010 by dogpiling after winning the National Championship. Now is the time we start looking forward to next season as last year, Mark Rafferty had the best prediction as he predicted half the field after the 2010 College World Series. This year we asked CBD Editor Brian Foley, CBD Assistant Editor Mark Rafferty, CBD Senior Writers William Knox and Kat Cornetta to put together their eight teams which will make the College World Series in 2012. 

Brian Foley Mark Rafferty William Knox Kat Cornetta
Arizona Arizona Arkansas Arizona
Florida Arkansas Cal State Fullerton Arkansas
LSU Florida Florida Florida
Mississippi State Georgia Tech Oregon LSU
North Carolina South Carolina Rice Maine
Stanford Stanford South Carolina Stanford
Texas Texas Stanford South Carolina
Texas A&M Texas A&M Texas Texas A&M


  • I think Texas is a year away from seriously contending for the CWS. Next year they will not be as strong in the starting rotation but deeper in the relief department. Offensively they should be stronger which is not saying much.nn

  • Waltgreenberg

    I agree with Donald.u00a0 Texas loses it’s entire weekend rotation– which is what got them to Omaha in the first place, as well as one of their primary three relievers, and three of their top four hitters on a team that was already offensively-challenged.u00a0 They bring back one hitter (Weiss) who batted above .270 this past season, and only three pitchers who threw 20+ innings.u00a0 No question UT has the talent to once again be a Top 20- 25 team, but no way should theyu00a0be ranked in the Top 15 heading into next season.u00a0 I would say the same about the Aggies, who lose half of this year’s offense, and three of their top four pitchers.u00a0 Conversely, Rice is expected to bring back their entire offense save for Anthony Rendon (including Rathjen, Fuda, Manuel, Ratterree, Chargoisu00a0and Hoelscher), and their entire pitching staff save for Cingrani and Gonzales out of the bullpen (with proven guys such as Kubitza, Reckling, Simms, Wall, McDowell and Duffey all expected to return).u00a0 Sorry, Brian, but you either don’t know you Texas teams, or I’m just scratching my head.

    • Corey Knebbel, Hoby Milner, and Nathan Thornhill will likely move to the weekend rotation unless Augie decides to keep Knebbel as the closer.u00a0nnMilner made 32 appearances including nine starts last year. He has an elite breaking ball and plus playing in Disch-Falk Field always helps keep Texas pitchers ERA’s low.Thornhill also was solid all year going 3-0 with a 1.89 ERA in 22 appearances including two starts.u00a0Now onto Rice. John Simms has gotten off to a great start in the Cape striking out guys left and right with 15 K’s in 7.1 innings.It is an inexact science as you know and nice to see that your figured out how to comment on the site.u00a0

  • Waltgreenberg

    Brian, you named the ONLY three UT pitchers returning who threw significant innings this year…and Thornhill, though he pitched very well, never pitched against tough opponents or in late-inning,pressure situations.u00a0 Rice brings back virtually their entire staff, as well as four guys who were redshirted or injured this past season (Connor Mason– who pre-injury was every bit as sought after as Simms and Kubitza, Anthony Fazio, Chase McDowell and Kotten).u00a0 And please don’t try to argue that UT brings back anywhere near the proven offense that Rice does; especially if Mauel returns (as expected) and Rathjen returns to health folliwing his ACL injury.

    • It should be noted thatu00a0@Williamknox:twitteru00a0who covers the Big 12/state of Texas for me also picked the Longhorns. I guess we trust Augie way too much.u00a0

  • Thermh

    If Stripling stays, A&M returns their top 4 out of top 5 hitters with 3 hitting over .300 so they’ll be ranked pretty high. Will need to find another weekend starter.

  • NYD

    If Vandy’s draft attrition goes as well as I hope, my Dores will be a sleeper for Omaha (though I wouldn’t put them in the preseason 8 for Omaha… just the next 8 to watch).

  • Cngardner

    I’m not sure how Oregon makes it to Omaha.u00a0 They lose most of their good pitching both middle infielders and several coaches.u00a0 Don’t see it happening.u00a0 Pitching was the only consistently good thing they had all year that kept them from being cellar dwellars in the pac-10.u00a0 They lost the pitching coach and most of their studs to the draft.

  • Jmcgone

    u00a0What about Cal-Irvine’s chances, they did have an impressive regional and super regional?u00a0 Dominating Greg Gonzales and what I thought was pretty good Fresno State team, knocked off UCLA in the championship game of that regional, and took number 1 ranked Virginia down to the wire in Charlotsville.u00a0 And didn’t South Carolina lose a couple of key starters and win mostly with a strong bullpen and a reliever turned starter in Roth.u00a0 So, Texas with a strong bullpen, along with Augie ball on that big field and ifu00a0 Milner puts a Michael Roth type performance Texas could dangerous again next year.

  • NYD

    Kat… Maine?!?!?u00a0 I totally didn’t see that the first time I read through it.u00a0 Why? Because it’s so preposterous.

  • Tejastiger61

    Texas u00a0needs better on base coaching …..u00a0

  • Cal BB Fan

    Cal could be a darkhorse again in 2012 … Jones and All-American Freshman Porter return for the weekend rotation.  Flemmer will most likely also return, not as the closer but as the Sunday starter.  Krist will likely pass on the draft and return as the starting catcher and leader.  With this in mind, positions 2,3,4,5, 8, & 9 return, including Pac 10 player of the year Renda at 2nd.  Freshman Campbell will be at SS and demonstrated how solid he is during the playoffs, filling in for Renda who had an injured quad.  Scott and Donofrio were solid out of the pen in 2011.  Cal also has two incoming freshman, including Michael Jordan, who could also get time on the mound. 

    C     Krist – Sr (All Pac 10)
    1st   Rodriguez – Jr
    2nd  Renda – Jr (Pac 10 Player of the Year)
    3rd   Delfino – Jr
    SS   Campbell – So
    LF    Bruno – Jr (All Pac 10) / Oh – Sr / Knapp – So
    CF   Mathews – Jr
    RF   Bunting – Sr

    SP   Porter – So (Freshman All-American)
    SP   Jones – Jr (All Pac 10)
    SP   Flemmer – Sr (All Pac 10)
    RP   Scott
    RP   Donofrio
    RP   Jordan

  • Angel

    Three Peat!!!  GO COCKS!!!

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