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Chris Finwood named Head Coach at Old Dominion

Chris Finwood has been hired as the new head coach at Old Dominion according to Tom Robinson of The Virginian Pilot. Finwood has spent the last four seasons in charge of the Western Kentucky program including bringing them to the NCAA Tournament in 2009. This is the second time that current Old Dominion atheltic director Wood Selig would hire Finwood. He also served as the Athletic Director at Western Kentucky when Finwood was hired with the Hilltoppers.

You can check out the full article from The Virginian Pilot by clicking here.

  • Statement from Western KentuckynStatement on Chris Finwood from WKU Director of Athletics Ross Bjorku00a0Chrisn Finwood and I just finished a conference call with our baseball nstudent-athletes to inform them that he submitted his resignation to me non Tuesday to accept the head coaching position at Old Dominion nUniversity.u00a0 Coach Finwood did an outstanding job as our head baseball ncoach over the last six seasons.u00a0 Chris and I discussed his future here nat WKU many times and again once the season concluded.u00a0 We held a sharedn vision and high aspirations for our baseball program to excel in our nconference and nationally.u00a0 Over two weeks ago, we offered him a ncontract extension that provided more financial and long term security nfor him and the program.u00a0 We also committed a significant increase in nthe assistant salary pool to achieve the goal of staff continuity.u00a0 On nMonday of this week, we presented new terms and additional incentives ton his contract and our hope was for him to accept this extension and moven ahead as our coach for a long time to come.u00a0 u00a0Inn the end, we did everything in our power to retain Coach Finwood, but wen could not compete with his deep family ties and previous coaching nexperiences within the state of Virginia.u00a0 I respect Chris and Annetteu2019sn decision and this unique personal opportunity was one they could not nturn down.u00a0 Coach Finwood has built a great infrastructure for WKU nbaseball to flourish in the future and we wish the Finwood family all nthe best.u00a0 Our program will attract a number of quality candidates that ncan lead WKU baseball to next level results on the field and in the nclassroom.u00a0 The process of identifying and hiring the best person to nserve as our next head baseball coach will begin immediately.u00a0

  • Statement from Chris FinwoodnnThen six years I spent as the head baseball coach at Western Kentucky were nin many ways the most rewarding years of my career.u00a0 This university hasn a tremendous leader in Dr. Ransdell, and I cannot thank him enough for nthe support he has given me and our program.u00a0 I also really enjoyed the nyear I spent working with Ross Bjork, and there is no question WKU nathletics has bright years ahead under his watch.u00a0 Ross and I had many nconversations both during this past season and recently, and I really nappreciate his candor and support.u00a0 He offered a very fair extension to nme and has a vision for continuing to improve the baseball program, and nmy leaving is in no way a reflection on anything at WKU.u00a0nu00a0nThisn is just a unique opportunity for our family that we cannot turn down.u00a0 In am very proud of all that we accomplished in the last six years.u00a0 We ndid some special things, and none of it would have happened without a ntremendous assistant coaching staff, players who bought into the right nway to do things, and a loyal and hard working support staff.u00a0 Our fan nbase increased each year, and I cannot begin to thank our fans and the nwonderful people in Bowling Green for everything you have done for our nfamily.u00a0 The Bowling Green community has a special place in my heart andn always will.u00a0 To see the wonderful spirit that exists here every day isn amazing.u00a0 This program is bigger than any one individual, and I am nconfident the next head coach will continue the progress we made and ntake this program to even higher levels.

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