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Temple’s Rob Valli Resigns

According to sources close to the situation, Temple head baseball coach Rob Valli has resigned after his sixth season with the Owls. Temple had a disappointment season which saw them go 24-29 and a terrible 4-20 mark in A-10 play. Before joining the Owls he served as the head coach at Gloucester County College where he was named the 2005 National Coach of the Year. He led GCC to the NJCAA World Series each of the five years he was at the helm of the program. The Roadrunners won the Garden State Athletic Conference and Region XIX title in each of his five seasons (2001-05) and Valli was rewarded with GSAC and Regional Coach of the Year honors following every year. He made his first trip to the NJCAA World Series in 2001, placing third, and followed with runner-up finishes in 2002 and 2003.

I would expect Temple to search for an up and coming assistant coach to fill the opening.

  • hoot

    One wouldu00a0think thatu00a0in order to “return to prominence” one would have had to be prominent at some point…

  • Fred4945

    Let’s put things in perspective…. The guy was fired. u00a0A former player of mine had been brought in on a recruiting trip Wednesday night. u00a0He arrived at the hotel in N. Philadelphia only to be told that the staff had been fired and the school was no longer interested in signing candidates. u00a0What kind of school throws away all its relationships with prospects during the coaching search? u00a0Temple’s AD must either make a hire within 3-5 days, or he is setting the new coach up for even greater failure.nnThe comment about Valli having been an NJCAA national champion was lifted from the school website (which isn’t egregious). u00a0However, it’s a stretch by the Temple SID office. u00a0Valli’s team won the DIVISION III junior college title (all insignificant non-scholarship programs from the North). u00a0That “national champion” would not have won a D-1 JuCo CONFERENCE championship anywhere in the country. u00a0Temple’s commitment to baseball is above the intramurals level — but not by a lot. u00a0This was our players’ first experience with the Owls; and the last.n

    • Kevhamburg

      i was on the gloucester team that he coached. u better chill wit the bashing of our teams. Some great ballplayers cam out of that team. we would of smoked any temple team

  • Owls

    I think 2 College World Series trips would count as prominence “at some point.” Clown.

  • Fred4945

    That prominence was 35 years ago.u00a0 The lack of scholarship commitment, high school facilities, and an inability to attract a head coach who’s demonstrated success in a serious scholarship college baseball program indicate Temple is not serious about being competitive — let alone, prominent.u00a0 nnBarring a multimillion-dollar cash infusion and an administration which is serious about baseball, the game would be better if Temple dropped the sport.nnnnnu00a0

  • CW

    who are the likely head coach candidatesu00a0 for the Temple job?u00a0

  • Pmaselli

    I hear Bob Fiile, LaSalle’s pitching coach and former Toronto Blue Jay, is in the running.  Anyone else hear anything?

    • I heard that Manhattan’s coach Kevin Leighton is on the short list too.
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  • Ryan

    LOL Rob Valli is a fucking loser, i played for him in 2006, worst coach i have ever played for.

  • Ryan

    his W-L records speak for themselves, he should be coaching high school at best, suck a mother fucking dick bitch and burn in hell

  • Ryan

    oh, and good luck doing anything else in life bitch, the world has no use for has been, wanna be coaches

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