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2011 NCAA Baseball Regional Projections (May 24th)

College Baseball Daily continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2011 NCAA Baseball Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to begin today. The projections are done through games played on Tuesday. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.


1. (1) South Carolina* 

2. NC State

3. Elon*

4. Princeton

1. Oklahoma 

2. Stanford

3. Creighton*

4. Oral Roberts*

1. (8) Florida State 

2. Stetson*

3. Texas Tech

4. Manhattan*

1. TCU* 

2. Clemson

3. SE Louisiana

4. Michigan State*

1. (4) Vanderbilt 

2. Oklahoma State

3. East Tennessee State

4. Austin Peay*

1. Oregon State* 

2. UCF


4. Gonzaga*

1. (5) Virginia 

2. Cal

3. Alabama

4. Navy*

1. Texas A&M 

2. Arkansas

3. Texas State*

4. Sacred Heart

1. (3) Florida 

2. Miami

3. FAU

4. Bethune-Cookman

1. Georgia Tech 

2. Florida International

3. Jacksonville

4. James Madison*

1. (6) North Carolina 

2. East Carolina

3. Kansas State

4. Charlotte*

1. Southern Miss* 

2. Mississippi State

3. Troy*

4. Coastal Carolina*

1. (7) Arizona State 

2. UC-Irvine

3. Georgia

4. Wright State*

1. Cal State Fullerton* 


3. Fresno State*

4. Stony Brook*

1. (2) Texas* 

2. Arizona

3. LSU

4. Alcorn State

1. Rice 

2. Baylor

3. Auburn

4. Kent State*

* Projected Conference Champion
Bold Conference Automatic Qualifier


Last 5 Teams In
East Tennessee State
Kansas State
SE Louisiana

Last 5 Teams Out
St. John’s
Dallas Baptist
Cal-State Bakersfield
Rhode Island
College of Charleston

  • No Ole Miss?!? Cmon they’re gonna make the tourny.

    • bob

      maybe if they werent in the SEC west cellar….appreciate the slip up…..GEAUX TIGERS!!!

      • Can’t have the entire SEC in the tourney minus Kentucky and Tennessee!!!rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

      • Can’t have the entire SEC in the tourney minus Kentucky and Tennessee!!!rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

        • Crash

          Auburn is out now.u00a0 So does that make LSU or Ole Miss more of a lock in your opinion? Also what are Elons chances now?

          • I think so….we will put out some projections for Sunday morning! A couple of us are traveling this weekend so it will be tough going to get everything up! rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

          • Kevin48484848

            lsu is definitly in.u00a0 Sec get 8 or 9.u00a0 All except Auburn, Tenn, Kentucky.u00a0 Ole miss is on the bubble

  • No Ole Miss?!? Cmon they’re gonna make the tourny.

  • Cngardner

    Don’t get how ASU gets a national seed over the Beavers.u00a0 We swept them, lead by a game, and have pretty much the same record overall.u00a0 The only thing they have over us is the RPI which really isn’t that different.

  • Pater47

    That would be a good regional for Miss.State. Two teams in there solely on conference championships and USM just lost their three best players.

  • Pater47

    Don’t think Georgia’s going to make it – would have to win three of their first four games in the SEC tourney to be eligible.

    • They still have a chance so I decided to include them.u00a0

  • Keko123

    Does Fresno make the tournament if they don’t win the WAC

    • Pater47

      Yeah. Fresno has too good of a record and RPI not to be included. They’re in.

    • Pater47

      Yeah. Fresno has too good of a record and RPI not to be included. They’re in.

  • Sportsdr

    No DBU with an rpi of 45? you are crazy everybody else has them in what is your rationale?

    • 55th in RPI with Warren Nolan.nnThey are 7-5 against the top 50 and have a SoS of 157….not that great!nnThey are also only 8-7 against power conference schools and 2-0 against TCU in midweek games….nn

    • GoGophers

      If they deserved to be in I’d be all for it. u00a0I love the “little guys”. u00a0They don’t. u00a0Of all of their big wins only 1 was on the weekend at Texas A & M. u00a0They routinely pitched their #1 and #2 starters during their midweek wins over quality opponents. u00a0Basically gaming the RPI. u00a0nnn21 of their 39 wins are over the following-> u00a0Alcorn St (4 wins; RPI of 219), Arkansas Pine Bluff (4; 286), Binghamton (2; 199), Houston Baptist (2; 264), Mississippi Valley St. (4; 270), New Orleans (2; 289), Seattle (2; 239), and non division 1 Northwood Institute in Cedar Hill, TX. u00a0The reason I know they are in Cedar Hill is because my high school team scrimmaged them and I’m not kidding! u00a0Their weekend schedule is very weak. u00a0There are a lot of teams that would win 21 games versus these teams. u00a0Lastly, they did manage to lose a game to Houston Baptist, Seattle, and Binghamton when they played. u00a0nnnThe only way I would support the Patriots getting an invite was if the bid was going to a 7th or 8th place team from a “power” conference. u00a0Too many bids are going to these conferences.n

      • Rwgilbreath37

        What then isu00a0the formula for DBU to get in?u00a0 Go undefeated?u00a0 Ask the highly ranked 1 – 3 pitching Texas A & M and Charlotte if they think DBU deserves an invite?u00a0

        • GoGophers

          I think playing a MVC schedule in 2012 and 2013 is going to be a huge help for the Patriots. u00a0Way better competition than the teams they won 21 games against that I listed above. u00a0You have to admit, those teams are pretty brutal. u00a0Playing a full slate of MVC teams and the typical midweek teams that they’ve been playing should leave them with a rather robust RPI the next two years as long as they have some success in the MVC games. u00a0nnnIt does look good on their resume this year that they beat Rice, TCU(2), Oklahoma St., Oklahoma, and Texas Tech. u00a0I don’t think it is right that they gamed the system by pitching Williamson and Stafford during most of those midweek games, but maybe I should give them more credit for those wins. u00a0They were willing to play those teams. u00a0I just wish they played a couple of them on the weekend to get a better feel about how they really matched up. u00a0Maybe they tried to schedule some quality teams on the weekend before conference play started and couldn’t find any takers. u00a0If that’s the case, it makes me quite a bit less irritated with their weekend schedule.nnnTo wrap up, I definitely would put DBU in ahead of the following power conference teams: u00a0Georgia, LSU, Mississippi St., Ole Miss, Kansas St., Texas Tech, Arizona, and N.C. State. u00a0I personally think 3 stipulations should be in place for ‘at large’ tourney teams: u00a01. u00a0You must make your conference tournament, 2. u00a0You must be at least .500 in your conference (including tournament play), and 3. u00a0No more than half of your conference can make the NCAA tournament. u00a0These will probably never happen or even be entertained. u00a0However, I think it would help grow the sport if some other teams got more chances to compete in the NCAA tournament. u00a0The exposure from participating would likely increase interest for the respective teams in the area they are from.nnnGood luck to the Patriots if they get an invitation. u00a0 u00a0 u00a0u00a0

  • RevDodd

    Care to explain Clemson as a 2 seed? The Tigers are a top 8 RPI,coming in off a road series over your No. 8 FSU. Plus the 9-0 blistering of your No. 14 GTech today.

  • What up Squid

    Brian, nu00a0What do you think about Elon at this moment.u00a0 You have them as a 3 seed at SC but what about after that marathon loss to Western Carolina last night.u00a0 If they were to lose today to CofC do you think they would get an at large with an RPI of 43 and SOS of 70.u00a0 IF they beat CofC id say they are probably in b.c thats another decent RPI victory.

    • What up Squid

      especially now that Texas State and SE Louisiana have both lost and need to win their tourney with lower RPI’s? u00a0

  • WizardofhOgZ

    I think Arkansas hosts a regional.u00a0 RPI of 14, SOS 22, SEC West Champions . . . plus Beautiful Baum stadium and the crowds that it draws.u00a0 “Cha-Ching” is music to the NCAA’s ears.

  • dave

    SE louisiana? why not give stephen f austin a chancen

  • Walke325

    clemson will definitely host a regional

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