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Former USF star taking on a New Challenge

Former South Florida baseball player Ryan Lockwood is taking on a new challenge now as he is preparing to become a Navy SEAL. Lockwood played three seasons under head coach Lelo Prado with his best season coming in 2008 when he had a 30 game hitting streak while being named a Freshman All-American. Last season, Coach Prado started receiving phone calls from Lockwood’s parents questioning what was going on with Ryan’s body as he was losing weight. Come to find out, Lockwood had started to prepare himself both mentally and physically to join the Navy SEAL program.  

“I had played sports my entire life, really gotten into it. But I didn’t feel I was going to continue with baseball,” said Lockwood, 23, who started 142 games in three seasons. “I didn’t think it was the path that was right for me. I wanted to be part of something else that was bigger than myself.”

You can check out a full article on Lockwood from The St. Petersburg Times by clicking here.

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