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2011 Regional Projections (April 20th)

College Baseball Daily continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2011 NCAA Baseball Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to begin today. The projections are done through games played on Tuesday. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.

1. (1) Virginia*
2. Auburn
3. Arizona
4. James Madison*
1. Southern Miss*
2. Mississippi
3. LSU
4. Valpo*
1. (8) Cal State Fullerton*
2. Cal
3. Cal-State Bakersfield
4. Yale*
1. Oregon State*
2. Creighton*
3. Texas Tech
4. Monmouth*
1. (4) Florida
2. Miami (FL)
3. Central Florida
4. Bethune Cookman*
1. Florida State
2. Stetson*
3. FIU
4. Navy*
1. (5) North Carolina
2. Elon*
3. East Carolina
4. Charlotte*
1. Texas A&M
3. NC State
1. (3) Vanderbilt
2. Oklahoma State
3. East Tennessee State
4. Southeast Missouri State*
1. Oklahoma
2. Stanford
3. Alabama
4. Indiana*
1. (6) Texas*
2. Rice
3. SE Louisiana
4. Manhattan*
1. TCU*
2. Texas State*
3. Mississippi State
4. Kent State*
1. (7) Georgia Tech
2. Georgia
3. Baylor
4. Southern*
1. Arkansas
2. Troy*
3. Kansas
4. Stony Brook*
1. (2) South Carolina*
2. Clemson
3. Coastal Carolina*
4. South Dakota State*
1. Fresno State*
2. UC-Irvine
3. Arizona
4. Gonzaga*

* Projected Conference Champion


  • Chris

    Not sure how North Carolina gets a national seed over Oregon State in your projections. The Beavs are 27-7 overall, 8-1 in PAC-10, something like 9-1 against top 25 times (at the time the Beavs played them) and they haven’t lost a series all year. (Let alone get swept by someone in their conference like NC did.). The Beavs have swept Arizona State and Stanford, both top 25 teams on successive weekends and taken 2 of 3 from Arizona also a top 25 team. I think the argument can be made they also deserve the seed over a couple of others but definitely North Carolina.

  • Rb585

    Texas State and SE Louisiana are in the same conference and you have them matching up as the 2-3 in the TCU regional?

  • Jmcglone

    Mark with all due respect how does LSU deserve a bid, I mean, I understand they have a high rpi and an impressive sweep of Fullerton, but they’ve only won one third of their SEC games, have been swept twice this year, which I think you should be able to win at least one in three against any opponent. We went through this with basketball and the Big East getting 11 bids, I realize that the SEC is the best conference in the nation but enough better that nine of twelve teams deserve bids, i.e you don’t even have to qualify for your conference tournament to qualify to play for a national title. And why doesn’t FAU deserve a bid over FIU being they beat FIU two out of three head to head have a higher RPI and a better conference in the same conference? And doesn’t Jacksonville deserve a bid, I mean, having defeated East Tennessee in a weekend series. Another question should I look at the weekend series more critically than mid week games?

    • LSU is like UNC last year. Will not qualify for the conference tourney but will get into the NCAA tourney based on high RPI!rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

  • Jensen

    There is a ton of talent in the NAIA and Junior Colleges that you are missing out on. How about some projections for them?

  • 949baseballfan

    Stanford??? Currently 7th place in the Pac 10 and playing UCLA this weekend. If they lose the series to UCLA they could be done!

  • Jmcglone

    Baseball fan UCLA has an rpi of 57 lost a 2 out of 3 series to both san jose state and nebraska haven’t won a series against anybody in the Pac 10 with a winning record, is it fair to say for the time being the loser of the UCLA, Stanford series is out?

    • 949baseballfan

      No probably not, because UCLA is sitting 9-3 losing series to Stanford would hurt but not put them out. Stanford on the other hand can’t afford to lose this series.

  • jake

    I dont see how you have FIU in the field over WKU and FAU…. FIU in 6th in the Sunbelt and WKU & FAU are tied for second

  • Jmcglone

    First of all I would like to thank you for responding to me, Brian, more than I can say for Joe Lunardi. Now, you are telling me that LSU, despite a 4-11 record in the SEC and being swept twice thisn season is in based solely on RPI. So, how do you justify UCLA and Kansas whose RPIs are quite high, 56th and 64th respectively? Jacksonville has a higher RPI than both and has defeated East Tennessee State and is second in the a-Sun.

  • Jmcglone

    Fan to be fair UCLA hasn’t exactly played the who’s who of the Pac10 as of yet, USC is the only opponent they’ve played with a winning conference record.

    • And UCLA lost two out of three to Stanford this past weekendrnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

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