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CBD Journal with Ray Ricker (April 19th)

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been a little erratic with the blog but it has been a crazy time. It seems as if every other game we are getting rained out. We have played many games since then and are doing a good job of staying in close ball games. Currently we are 19-11 and we sit in third place in the CACC at 9-5 with 6 games coming up in the next two weeks. This stretch is what we have been waiting for as many teams in our league are making their playoff push.

Our season is without a doubt the year of the pitcher. We are getting unbelievable pitching from our staff and a lot of credit has to go to our pitching Coach Forrest Irwin who has been instrumental in helping develop some of our young arms and helping out our veteran pitchers as well. Steve “Sgt Shutout” struck again the other night as he pitched his fourth complete game shutout of this season. The hitting is making some very good adjustments over the past week. We had a good hitters meeting after a rainout and talked about our approach and how we wanted to better execute our hitting philosophy and the guys have ran with it and I couldn’t be happier with the effort.

On top of the season recruiting is going at a very good pace and also keeping tabs on my players who have signed for my summer team I am always checking in seeing how they are playing, sometimes having to get awful phone calls about injuries to them and then you have to hit the phones to try and fill their roster spot with a quality player. Summer ball is a very important role in the development of your baseball players. We have done a great job as a staff to place a good amount of players in very competitive summer baseball leagues. It is always great for your players to get in their work against peers and gain valuable in game experience. The season is a long and taxing one but you have to feel fortunate when your life is based around this great game.

This weather has to stop in New England it was snowing during our game on Sunday versus a very good Philadelphia University it was without a doubt the worst environment I have ever coached in. Mother Nature has to start being kind to us sooner or later. Hopefully as the weather improves so will our swings and we can make another solid run at a conference title. Anything can and will happen in this game and I can’t wait to see what happens. You can follow me on Twitter at CoachRix8 until next time.

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