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MSU’s Brent Brownlee “flips off” fans at Arkansas

UPDATED ON APRIL 19th at 12:00pm

Update # 2

Video of the incident has been added to the post at the bottom.

Update #1

Coach Cohen has announced that Brownlee’s suspension will be only one game as his misses the Bulldogs matchup against Ole Miss on Tuesday night.

Original Post

Mississippi State’s Brent Brownlee gave the middle finger to Arkansas fans after catching the final out of the Bulldogs 5-3 victory over Arkansas. Brownlee was promptly suspended indefinitely by Mississippi State head coach John Cohen and the length of the suspension is expected to be announced on Monday. You can check out a picture from the incident below.


  • glen

    how many harassing comments did this player have to take from the Arkansas crowd during the game.

    • No idea but interesting enough is that there was another issue with Delaware State and Arkansas with the heckling. nn,0,7433260.story

    • Guest

      I was at this game and there was heckling but it was nothing that warranted his actions. If i were him I would have been laughing at what was said. In fact I was because it was so stupid.

  • Lthomson

    This happens ALL the time! The crap that opposing players have to take is crazy. I know because I’ve been one and I can tell you that it is pretty hard not to respond to loser fans. It’s also a ton of fun, especially when you win, to return fire. The only reason why this is even an issue, is that it was caught on film. nnI’m sure that he heard a lot worse, and probably said some bad stuff too. I say live it up kid and try not to get caught next time.

  • Nascarstevie

    I live just outside of Austin, TX but grew up in Oklahoma and I’m a huge OU fan. Last month I was visiting my parents in OKC and decided to take my dad & nephew to a ballgame in Norman between the Sooners and AR-Little Rock. I couldn’t believe how brutal SOME of the fans were towards the umpires & opposing players. I’m not naive. I certainly expect some booing and the usual heckling when the opponent strikes out or makes an error – heck, I’ve been known to do it too. But there were as many as 12 or 15 people screaming comments about sexual orientation, player’s girlfriends, mothers, etc. I was embarrassed to wear my team’s hat and asked a stadium usher if they could intervene; his reply to me was, “They paid for a ticket just like you did”, and shrugged his shoulders. It’s sad because the MAJORITY of OU fans appreciate good play from both teams.nnI also work as a baseball public address announcer for Texas State University in San Marcos. I am proud to say the fans at Bobcat Ballpark have never come close to the types of insults I witnessed in Norman that day.nnAll this to say that the Mississippi State player should never have reacted to the crowd. I’m sure he felt like he got a certain degree of satisfaction with his gesture, but in the end, the fans indeed got to him and the team’s next visit to Fayetteville will be much worse.

    • I was heckled at Wisconsin just sitting on a bench…It happens and you just have to block it out.

    • Guest

      I sit with those fans in Norman and I can PROMISE you that there are no comments about sexual orientation, etc., coming from that group. If there are, they are QUICKLY squelched by others in the group. The reason the ushers wouldn’t do anything about it is that the group was not out of line.

  • RSN

    He was just telling the fans they are #1 :)nn

  • RSN

    He was just telling the fans they are #1 :)nn

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