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2011 Regional Projections (April 6th)

College Baseball Daily continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2011 NCAA Baseball Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to begin today. The projections are done through games played on Tuesday. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.

1. (1) Florida*

2. Stetson*

3. Miami (FL)

4. Manhattan*

1. Georgia Tech

2. Troy*

3. Georgia Southern

4. Charlotte*

1. (8) Stanford

2. Ole Miss

3. Gonzaga*

4. Penn*

1. Fresno State*

2. Cal*

3. UC Irvine

4. Minnesota*

1. (5) Texas A&M*

2. Houston

3. East Tennessee State

4. Wright State*

1. TCU*

2. Texas State*

3. Texas Tech

4. Stony Brook*

1. (4) South Carolina

2. NC State

3. College of Charleston

4. Coastal Carolina*

1. North Carolina

2. East Carolina

3. Elon*

4. James Madison*

1. (3) Vanderbilt

2. Oklahoma State

3. Clemson

4. Monmouth*

1. Southern Miss*

2. Arkansas

3. Baylor

4. Mississippi Valley State*

1. (6) Florida State

2. UCF

3. Georgia

4. Bethune-Cookman*

1. Texas

2. Rice

3. Oregon

4. Creighton*

1. (7) Oklahoma

2. Alabama

3. Arizona

4. Oral Roberts*

1. Cal-State Fullerton*


3. Cal-State Bakersfield

4. Kent State*

1. (2) Virginia*

2. Auburn

3. UConn*

4. Army*

1. LSU

2. Oregon State

3. Louisiana

4. Jacksonville St.*

* Projected Conference Champ

  • Art Vandelay

    Who is Louisiana?

    • Louisiana-Lafayette…

    • RSN

      Like University of North Carolina at Charlotte wants to be called just Charlotte and not UNCC, Lousiana-Lafayette wants to be called just Louisiana. Not sure why either of those schools dont want their real name used? It might be like why some southerns use their middle name as their first name??? John Adam Smith will actually be Adam Smith?

      • sportsfan81

        Why does the University of Tennessee at Knoxville us Tennessee… why does Texas-Austin use texas… Why does LSU A&M College use LSU… California-Berkeley uses Cal or California… Nevada-Reno uses Nevada…. Wisconsin-Madison uses Wisconsin… Hawaii-Manoa uses Hawaii… Illinois at Urbana-Champaign uses Illinois… Maryland-College Park uses Maryland… Massachusetts-Amherst uses UMASS and Massachusetts… North Carolina-Chapel Hill uses UNC and North Carolina, Nebraska-Lincoln uses Nebraska… Why can Tulane University of Louisiana use “T” or “TU”? They should use TUL. I saw someone wear a sweatshirt that simply read… “McNeese”. Where was the “State University” after it. I could care less, but most teams go by a shorter version, rather then their official University name.

  • guest

    I think TROY has a good chance to host a regional this year. Southern Miss has already lost a 2 games to TROY. n1.TROY n2.Alabaman3. Georgia Southernn4. Jacksonville State

  • Test

    FL was a #5 seed last week to the #1 seed this week after having a home loss to UCF?? Vanderbilt, Virginia, & South Carolina were above them last week & all went 4-0 – yet FL jumps up to the #1?

    • We do them independently every week. So we don’t even look at the previous week and where teams were at.rnSent on the Sprintu00ae Now Network from my BlackBerryu00ae

  • Konafranco

    how is stanford a national seed really Cal State Fullerton should be a National seed over stanford

  • Guest

    How is Texas or TCU a host?

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