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Talking College Baseball with The Pulse on Campus

I got to talk a little college baseball with Ty Pyburn of The Pulse on Campus on today.  We solely went over our National Seeds that we currently have in place in the regional projections that Brian released today.  This was my first real interview talking about the sport after heading into my 4th season of coverage, and I can definitely build on it.  Only made one real egregious error that I know of, saying that Josh Elander hit the blast off Mike McGee in Omaha last year when it was really Matt Curry, but can’t sue me for that, right?  I’m sure you’ll all let me know in the comments section if I flubbed elsewhere.  Had an audio issue where I could hear myself talking as I talked about halfway through, but we’ll have that figured out for next time as we’ll probably use Skype.  Keep watching when my part is over, as Katie Dowd of The Daily Cal and contributor to the site talks about the situation over at Cal.  Video after the jump.

Updated: February 23, 2011 — 8:18 pm
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