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CBD Journal with Western Illinois (Feb. 8th)

T-minus 12 days until the Leatherneck baseball team begins the 2011 season. As the days draw near, you can feel the energy from the players and coaches increasing. I think it is safe to say, we are ready to get rid of the snowshoes and lace up the cleats. We have a very talented group of guys that have joined the team this year and are very excited to see what we can do on the field together. We had a great fall and really started to gel together both on and off the field.

We know that we are picked to finish at the back of the pack this year in the Summit League and that just fuels the fire every day. It makes everyone push each other to work harder and make it a point to get better every day. We really think that we have the talent to turn some heads this year and sneak up on some teams. But right now, we are focused on our first game of the season at Samford University. Our schedule is definitely going to challenge our squad but I wouldn’t count out the 2011 Leathernecks.

“If you want to be happy for a year plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, wear purple.”

Beau Below

  • Anonymous

    Manipulating the Eagle, Globe and Anchor violates several federal trademark and tradename statutes. Besides that, it’s offensive to the Marines that are fighting and getting blown up in Afghanistan and to those who have worn the dress blues. Desecrate the symbol of the Army, Navy or Air Force, but leave my Marines alone!

    • Wiu712

      To sdrich7777nnIn 1927, the Department of the Navy granted Western Illinois the right to use the name “Leathernecks”, to use the Marine Corps mascot (the English Bulldog), and to use the Marine Corps Insignia (the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor).nnAt every Western Illinois home football game, the Marine Corps Hymn is played during the band’s pre-game show.

  • Ryan

    sdrich7777 in case you did not know, Western Illinois received permission from the U.S. Government and the Marine Core to use the logo. The former Athletic Director Ray “Rock” Hanson was himself a Marine and was granted permission to use the logo.nnFor more information about the history of Western Illinois University and the Leatherneck nickname, read the link below.nn

    • Ryan

      *Marine Corps… my mistake

    • SDRICH7777

      It’d be interesting to see what Hanson was actually given in re: use of the trademark. The Marines are very protective of their symbol, and since it appears WIU has been using the manipulated logo for some time, I suspect Hanson was given some type of use permit because the Marines would have stopped the practice long ago. Thanks for pointing the article out. The Marines are very near and dear to my heart. I am escorting 19 Purple Heart Marines to Spring Training in Scottsdale, March 5-8th, courtesy of Barrry Zito and Strikeouts for Troops. Marines love baseball!!

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