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Murphy calls Violations a “Paperwork” Issue

Pat Murphy, formerly of Arizona State, recently spoke with The Register-Guard about the violations that have been leveled against him and the Sun Devils program in the past couple of months. Murphy states several times in the article that he should not have lost his job over the violations but I tend to disagree with him.

“It wasn’t until they got hit with lack of institutional control that they turned on me,” Murphy said. “Once they got hit with a second lack of institutional control in five years for sloppy compliance they knew they had to blame somebody and they blamed me. Nobody gets fired for these type of violations. Look across the country. No one gets fired for paperwork violations.”

The biggest charge he levels against the media is the fact that we are not reporting the truth in the case. I just report the facts from the Arizona State NCAA report which can be accessed by clicking here.

Murphy said he is getting over the disappointment of losing his job, but he is upset with the way he has been portrayed in the media.

“I’m getting defamed all over the country because people think it is more than that, and that is hurtful,” he said.

“I would love for somebody to print the truth, but I am not my own PR firm.”

You can check out the full article from the Register-Guard by clicking here.

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