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LSU dismisses Kevin Koziol from Team

LSU freshman infielder Kevin Koziol was dismissed from the baseball team after being arrested for driving while intoxicated over the weekend. He was booked on reckless operation of a vehicle and disobeying a red light according to the LSU Daily Reveille. “As soon as I heard about it I called him in, verified it was true, and I told him he was being dismissed from the team. There’s just certain levels of behavior I expect out of LSU baseball players, and obviously that is not one that is going to be acceptable by me.”

A full article from the LSU Daily Reveille is available by clicking here.

  • FreePressToday

    Since being dismissed, Koziol spends his nights being accosted by Halo players from across the United States, mainly due to his complete lack of Halo skills, which are a mirror of those his skills on the diamond.

    • Tbarn02s

      too bad the LSU football team does not have high standards like the baseball team…..LOL

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