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NCAA Survey delves into Practice Time

The NCAA released a study on the amount of time a student-athlete spends on their specific sport during the season. NCAA rules state that coaches can take only 20 hours a week of their players’ time, regardless of the sport. The amount of time an athlete spends on their sport came under scrutiny with Michigan football recently being sanctioned for the practice time violations.

In its survey, conducted last year and released during the NCAA’s annual convention here, the association asked players to count both required and voluntary activities.

• Football players said they spent an average of 43.3 hours on their sport — playing games, practicing, training and in the training room — compared with 38 hours on academics.

• Division I baseball players said they spent a little more than 42 hours on their sport and a little less than 32 on academics. In men’s basketball, it was slightly more than 39 hours on their sport vs. 37-plus on academics.

• Women’s basketball was only a little less time-intensive, its players saying they spent more than 37½ hours a week on their game and not quite 39 on academics.

You can check out the full article from USA Today by clicking here.

Updated: January 15, 2011 — 4:14 am
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