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Top 5 Articles of the Week

Here are the Top Five Articles of the past week on College Baseball Daily. We will be running a Live Chat tonight at 8pm Eastern time to discuss some of the latest college baseball news. You can set up a reminder by clicking here.

1. CBD Interview with Rich Maloney (Michigan)
2. Springfield’s Siegal Opening Access to Baseball for All
3. CBD Interview with Dan McDonnell (Louisville)
4. 2010 NCAA Baseball Attendance Leaders
5. CBD Interview with Wade Simoneaux (Louisiana Tech)

You can check out our Top 100 College Baseball Players Countdown which is currently on going with number 17 Mike McGee being the latest featured. We are in the process of adding our listings of 2011 College Baseball Schedules including Division 1Division 2, and Division 3. You can follow us on Twitter for breaking news and other information for college baseball stories @CB_Daily. We are also have a Facebook group for the followers of the site to keep you up to date on the latest info.

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