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D-2 Baseball Taking a Look at Wood Bats

WoodBatDivision2There are a couple of Division 2 conferences right now that use wood-bats exclusively including the entire New England region. At an October meeting for the Division II Conference Commissioners Association (CCA), they agreed on the following language: “The D-II Conference Commissioners Association endorses and supports the idea of wood bats, with the intention of NCAA Division II moving toward a wood bat-only division by 2012-13.”

Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Commissioner Butch Raymond said the CCA commitment is just the first step in the process:

“We didn’t necessarily say that we’re definitely putting wood bats in for 2012-13. We’re going to start working toward that process. We feel like we’re going to have to work from the bottom up. In other words, we’ll probably have to go region by region, conference by conference.

We support the concept. We have all agreed to do what we can working toward that, but it’s certainly not a mandatory thing for 2012-13.”

You can check out the full article from the NCAA’s Dave Pickle by clicking here.

  • NECBLfan

    Something like the Baum Bat might be the answer for college baseball. I’ve used them extensively myself. They perform just like a wooden bat except they are virtually unbreakable with a composite core inside the ash bat. I don’t know how many people have used them, but the concept, at least, seems like a solution to the problem of oft-breaking wooden bats.

    • I saw at the Boston College Fall Series a composite wood-bat break in half just like a wood bat would. I don’t know but it was just as dangerous as those maple bats getting snapped in half.

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