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College of Southern Nevada Coach facing Allegations

UPDATED AT 11:00PM on November 3rd


Chris Sheff has been relieved of his duties according to a report tonight by the Las Vegas Review Journal. (Link)

UPDATE #1 at 3:00AM on November 3rd

The school has hired an independent reviewer to look at the situation according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)

My full article from this weekend is below.

College of Southern Nevada first year head coach Chris Sheff is facing an in-house investigation regarding allegations that players were charged $125 for a mandatory conditioning program in addition to making players pay for post-practice meals and the coaching staff bringing drugs into the locker room.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal report:

Players were charged $125 per month to participate in workouts beginning in early September with personal trainer Corky Field of Live-In Fitness in Henderson. The workouts were mandatory, according to multiple unnamed sources.

Mandatory team activities that players are required to pay for would be considered a violation of National Junior College Athletic Association rules.

The article also continues on to detail the other violations of forcing players to pay for post-practice meals and the allegation that one of the staff members brought marijuana into the clubhouse. The most vocal critic of Sheff is former MLB player David Segui who has a son on the team. He stated to the paper:

“My son plays. This isn’t about playing time or a bitter parent nagging because their son isn’t hitting cleanup,” Segui said. “I’m concerned with some of the things my kid is being exposed to in this program. As a parent it’s my responsibility to find out if the stuff I’m hearing is true. It would be irresponsible as a parent if I didn’t.”

You can check out the full article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal by clicking here.

  • Master

    That is just un-acceptable. I can see a coach hiring an independent trainer and paying him for his services. That is justifiable and acceptable. Making it mandatory for player’s to pay is not justifiable. The gym is free Go in there and exercise! Post practice meals no. I leave the team too. Cut practice in time for the schools cafeteria and I stay. I have to eat. That will not cut it. Coach bringing Marijuana in the club house is a big no ,no. Fired and banned from baseball. If it is a player send him too rehab.

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