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Baseball America releases Top 25 Recruiting Classes

StanfordBaseballBaseball America has released their Top 25 Recruiting Classes for the incoming 2010-2011 freshmen class. Leading the way is the Stanford Cardinal with LSU coming in at number 2. CWS finalist UCLA comes in at number 3 with San Diego and Oregon rounding out the top five.  These polls are always subjective as Collegiate Baseball had Stanford coming in 11th in their top 40 rankings that came out at the end of September. (Link)

Top 25 Recruiting Classes
1. Stanford
2. Louisiana State
4. San Diego
5. Oregon
6. Florida
7. Georgia Tech
8. Arkansas
9. Rice
10. Cal State Fullerton
11. California
12. Vanderbilt
13. North Carolina
14. Oregon State
15. Oklahoma State
16. Southern California
17. San Diego State
18. Mississippi
19. South Carolina
20. Auburn
21. Oklahoma
22. Mississippi State
23. Nebraska
24. Louisville
25. Maryland

You can check out the full article from Baseball America by clicking here.

  • SDSU fan

    San Diego State’s freshmen recruits are losing them games. Their pitchers are getting racked and their fielders are horrible, they don’t record half the errors and so their pitchers are getting credited earned runs that aren’t really earned. I don’t know what their coaches are doing

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