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South Florida to “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”


USFWalkinhershoesTAMPA – For the second consecutive year, the University of South Florida baseball team will participate in USF’s Third Annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” on Thursday, October 14that the Marshall Center on campus in support of USF’s cause to end rape, sexual assault/battery and gender violence.

“Unfortunately, gender violence is a major problem in our society,” said USF head coach Lelo Prado. “It is important for our young men to be aware of it and fight against it. Respect towards others is something that we believe in, and expect our players to show both on and off the field.”

Inspired by the idea that you can’t truly understand the experiences of others until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, members of the baseball team will join men from the University of South Florida and the surrounding community will proclaim their solidarity to end rape, sexual assault/battery, and gender violence by marching in high heels and participating in USF’s Third Annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event.

WHO:  Male USF students and staff, with women marching at their side.
WHEN:  Thursday, October 14th.  The event will begin at 12:00pm.
WHERE:  USF, Tampa Campus – Marshall Student Center Amphitheater
Male participants are encouraged (but not required) to walk in women’s shoes. A limited number of high heels in various sizes will be available for men who do not bring their own. Men and women are encouraged to bring shoes for use in the event and everyone (including walk-on registrants) is invited to participate. In addition, men will be asked to sign a promise to end sexual and relationship violence. After the march, many of the shoes will be donated to the Family Justice Center of Hillsborough County.

“One in three women has experienced gender violence in her lifetime. A woman is raped every 90 seconds in America,” said Frank Baird, Founder of the March. “That means someone you know, someone you care about has been the victim of sexual violence. This violence does not just affect women. Men are hurt and angered when women they care about are raped. Men are hurt and angered when they try to develop relationships with women in an atmosphere of fear and mistrust and blame. And the same violence that targets women also targets men because rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power, control and violence.”

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is an educational, empowering, and unique event that was awarded the Outstanding Student Organization Program of the Year. This event is being hosted by N.I.T.E. (Necessary Improvements to Transform our Environment) an organization that advocates for campus safety and student wellness as well as The USF Center for Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention. Special guests include: Dr. Kevin Banks – USF Dean for Students, Army ROTC, the USF Baseball Team, The University Police Department, PIKE and Omega Phi Beta.  Sponsors include Verizon, Delta and the Ybor City Rotary Club.

  • Chris

    This is a very creative idea. My admiration to the USF team for “manning up” to support this cause.

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