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Isaiah Howes facing Drug Charges

A few weeks ago, we reported that former Louisville baseball player Isaiah Howes shot and killed former Louisville football player Daniel Covington. (Link) When the police arrived at the scene and searched Howes vehicle they found marijuana in it. He has been charged on the drug possession charge but no decision has been made yet on if or when charges would be filed on the shooting incident.

You can check out a full report from WAVE News by clicking here.

  • Guest

    Hey Brian, there aren’t any comments on this stupid article because it’s not related to the Big East. Stop reporting on things that have nothing to do with the Big East. Isaiah Howes was like 3 years removed from college when the shooting happened. You are a douchbag for even putting this on the website.

    • Howard shot and killed a person…I was just updating the story and providing a link to the actual news report on the case
      Brian Foley

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