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Buster Posey continues to Lead on the Field

BusterPoseyFSU One of our favorite players since I started this site has been Buster Posey who is now the everyday starting catcher with the San Francisco Giants. He made the transition before his sophomore season from shortstop to catcher after the recommendation of FSU assistant coach Mike Martin Jr. He was able to make the transition seamless and now is considered the top young catcher in the league.

TCBB Senior Writer Katherine Hasenauer Cornetta caught up with FSU head coach Mike Martin Sr. last season (FULL ARTICLE) and he spoke highly of Posey saying:

“(Former Academic All-American) Buster Posey is one of my all time favorites, although I’ve had so many of them over the years, we turn him into a catcher, he goes on and signs his first big MLB contract, and turns right around and makes a big contribution to our program, specifically to allow us to charter flights to away games so that our team can have more time to study. Before, traveling home after an away game would be an all day ordeal – we wouldn’t be back in Tallahassee until 1am. With the chartered flights, our boys can be back in their rooms or the library studying by 7:30 after a game. That’s huge for our guys.”

You can check out Scott Ostler’s full article from the San Francisco Chronicle by clicking here.

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