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New bat rules to change College Baseball?

MikeBiancoOleMiss Chase Parham of (Ole Miss Rivals Site) has an excellent article about how the new bat changes are affecting college coaches for the upcoming 2011 season. The NCAA put in new testing standards for this upcoming season which have significantly affected the “pop” in the bat. According to Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco he has seen several full batting practices fail to yield a homer. This is very interesting and will change the way College Baseball is played with more Texas style games of bunting and stealing while we will see less “Gorilla Ball” tactics in the spring.


You can check out the full article by clicking here.

What do you think of the new rules? Comment below

  • Mike

    I just learned that college has a different ball from high school and pros … it has much higher seams, which give the pitchers an advantage. Since pitchers will have a new advantage with the new, deader bats, I’m surprised there’s no talk about moving to a lower-seam ball to eqaulize the pain. Why would college pitchers need/want a different ball in the first place? Seems like it would give them a disadvantage moving to the pros, since they’d have to get used to a new ball.

    • The reasoning behind a different ball is they can throw breaking balls easier and get a better grip. nnJapan uses a different ball then the USA one which actually has different weight and size.

  • NECBLfan

    Great news! I saw a few balls this year (a couple at Florida State come to mind) that were just pop-ups yet still flew out of the yard. The situation with composite bats was simply getting out of control.

  • I actually really like this new rule. A lot of people are saying that the “live” bats were an equalizer and that without them some players won’t make the cut. However, I think that if a coach puts together a roster of the best players they can get, those guys will be the best with aluminum, wood, rubber, paper mache, or whatever. I don’t think you’re going to have a lot of guys who suddenly lose their roster spot because of this. Obviously it’s not that much of an equalizer or I would be riding a big fat DI scholarship instead of taking on the crushing weight of huge student loans, right?nnBut, what it will do, is allow you to tell a little better who in college ball has REAL power and not just awesome warning track abilities.nnI would also be in favor of changing the balls. I think up in AK they use “MiLB-spec” everything, and the pitchers up here still tear the batters apart.

  • Tspoon212

    How long is college baseball going to stay with BBCOR?

    • Tspoon212

      before they go to wooden bats?

  • Jameskeller13

    the new bats take excitement out of the game.  fans want home runs and hard gap shots, so do the player, so do the coaches.  BBCOR bats are not an equalizer,  they just take everyones power level down, as a D1 college baseball player i wish we would just go to wood.  Wood bats feel better and swing better then these new bats.  it is just makes everyone hit the ball not as hard, less fun as well.  comp bats should have been taken out, but the other bats were fine.

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