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Miami infielder Frank Ratcliff Arrested

UPDATED ON 9/10/2010 at 2:30PM
ratcliff mug Miami sophomore infielder Frank Ratcliff was arrested on Wednesday by Coral Gables detectives. He is being charged with trying to sell marijuana to undercover police officers on university grounds. The police were acting on a tip and organized to purchase 21 grams of marijuana from Mr. Ratcliff who went to his apartment to retrieve the substance where he was arrested by the police. The police department then conducted a search of Ratcliff’s residence where they found another 101 grams of marijuana and 19 vials of HGH. The University of Miami has suspended Ratcliff from all athletic activities according to a UM press release.

Officer Kelly Denham commented to the Miami Sun Sentinel about the charges:

“When you sell on school grounds, any school grounds, you’re going away for three years minimum, People need to think about what they do.”

Denham also stated about finding the performance enhancing drugs at the residence:

“That was a shock.”

Ratcliff appeared in 57 games for the Hurricanes as a freshman infielder last season, 52 of them as a starter. He batted .276 with six home runs and 29 RBIs, plus led the team with six triples.

This is the second time in the last month that the Miami Hurricanes baseball program has had some bad press. On August 6th, it was reported that the Miami program could be facing an NCAA inquiry into recruiting violations by the coaching staff which could led to some punishment of the baseball program including but not limited to loss of scholarships. (FULL ARTICLE)

  • Wow, busted for weed and HGH? Lethal combo

    • Yea, I wonder what else they were taking at the U!

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