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Lowell All-Americans on the Move?

120px-All-americans writer Mike Zhe reports that the Lowell All-Americans are currently looking for a new home next season. The options are Portsmouth New Hampshire, Nashua NH, and Old Orchard Beach Maine. My early pick would be Old Orchard Beach which is a vacation destination and have redone a former minor league stadium which has been home to multiple showcase tournaments this past season.

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  • Zhe makes a number of good points, but I can’t see a team landing in Portsmouth permanently unless the city builds a new, accessible ballpark. He notes that Leary Field is small and lacks adequate seating; I would also add parking and location to my list of concerns.nnNashua would be nice, but he’s right: the people of Nashua have never supported a baseball team. There was a very vocal faction that talked endlessly for years about how the Pride took Holman Stadium from the kids; I’d be willing to bet if an NECBL team came to town, those same people would complain about the sub-professional quality of the baseball. I’m sure the right operators could be successful, but it would likely take A LOT of time and effort.

  • I think Old Orchard is going to get that team.

  • Xaverianfan

    Old Orchard is much better ChoicernThe resort towns do much better in that leaguernFamilies are always looking for fun cheap things to dorn

  • NECBLfan

    Old Orchard is simply much too close to Portland for my liking. We’ve seen what happened in Bristol with a team trying to operate right down the road from a double-A team, and it doesn’t work. Nashua is certainly a poor baseball town, so I think Portsmouth is the best option. If the team’s ownership is willing to make some improvements to the field, (similar to Laconia last season) I think Portsmouth could work, though hopefully with better returns than Laconia last year.nnThank god Lowell is finally moving though. It was quite the mystery why they have kept trying to compete with an established minor league baseball team for all these years.

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