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Kyle Parker Spurns Rockies Offer; Will Quarterback Tigers in 2010

KyleParker Baseball America reported this morning that Kyle Parker turned down a $2.4 million offer from the Colorado Rockies to return to the Clemson Tiger football program. With about 3 1/2 weeks left before the signing deadline, the Rockies could still try and up the offer as negotiations are still ongoing. Parker, the 26th pick in the 2010 MLB Draft, threw for 2,526 yards and 20 touchdowns in 2009 as a Redshirt Freshman. Last season on the baseball field, Parker helped bring the Tigers to the 2010 College World Series by hitting .344 with 20 homers and 64 RBI.


I have a few questions in this scenario:

1) He’s passing up a signing bonus that is not much less than Royals #4 pick Christian Colon ($2.75 Million)
2) Is the challenge of leading a team without C.J. Spiller really so enticing that you’d turn down that type of dough?
3) Maybe he just likes football that much more and the experience of playing in a big time program is worth all the risk (money, injury)
4) Does not signing before the August 16th deadline make him lose all previous leverage?
5) Would the Rockies actually offer more than $2.4 Million to pry him from Clemson?

  • wade

    hes a true athlete,i dont think the money had too much to do with it,i believe he had in mind to return to football all along,he has unfinished business in football and thats an acc championship title and a butt whipping for the gamecocks this year!!!!

  • Ted

    Our Boy Kyle fell flat at the CWS, expecially overmatched against Gamecock pitching. Now he can run down the muddy red hill in front of 50,000 adhoring fans. I don’t think the Rockies are that fired about him.

  • Bruce

    The bigger question is how much more than the 2.4 Million did Clemson offer him to stay?

  • Ken Pittman

    To quote Joe Sherman, “There’s something in these hills.” Also, I fully expect Kyle to sign with the Rockies to a lower amount that allows him to play football or spreads the bonus out over several years pending no football-related injury, but if he does not he could easily declare for both the football and baseball drafts next year. Talk about negotiating power.

    • Ken, I don’t see how KP is a NFL prospect at QB. He never impressed me last season.

  • John

    Clemson has about as much of a chance to beat Carolina and win an ACC title as I do of winning the lottery. This is hilarious…bc it displays typical Clemson arrogance. Lol. In his best interest, he should have taken the money and bolted out of that nothing of a town.

  • Mark

    Clemson leads the series in baseball 167-123-2, Clemson leads the series in football 65-38-4
    But at least USC can have Basketball Gamechickens lead series 86-74 tho Clemson has won the last 4 meetings!! I rest my case. Go Tigers!!!

  • Greer

    Well, South Carolina did win the CWS, including beating Clemson twice to send them home. KP is o-1 against South Carolina. Lost of CJ is be a huge factor next year.

    This said, Cu has a shot at winning their division because it is so weak, but not a chance at the overall ACC.

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