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ASU’s Josh Spence Releases Statement

Josh Spence 3 Arizona State LHP Josh Spence appeared in a CCBL game on Saturday night where he pitched two innings giving up one unearned run against the Chatham Anglers. Josh wanted to address some of the questions that have been swirling since his injury.

Josh sent us the following statement:


“I have never felt the need to speak publicly but the scrutiny I have faced over the last 48 hours has been both overwhelming and hurtful. My two inning rehabilitation assignment which I will be building on in the Cape Cod baseball league is being looked into much deeper than the reality of it. I think it’s unfair to not be given an opportunity to play a full collegiate season, especially when you have invested greatly into the program; that’s why the decision for me to redshirt was made some time ago and the focus became on spring 2011. The expectation to come back not at full strength and under prepared was unrealistic. As much as I want to be pitching in Omaha, it was unknown how my body would respond. I did not want to jeopardize the team when one game can change it all and that’s why I’m fulfilling my rehabilitation in a summer league. Unfortunately by not by not being transparent about my arm health this has created rumors when initially keeping it inside the program and confidential was to protect me, which is protocol for all injuries. My integrity has been questioned greatly and this perception that I’ve been advised to sit could not be further from the truth. The truth is I love playing for Arizona State and not contributing the way I wanted to on the field has been devastating to me, unfortunately you can only control what you can control and my arm was not to be rushed. I’m just working to get back to full strength, sadly right now it’s not in a Sun Devil uniform and nobody is more upset about that then I am.”

Josh Spence

  • John

    Then why didn’t you wait until after the CWS to begin the Rehab? Your “team” is in Nebraska, not in Massachusetts.

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