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UCLA’s Tyler Rahmatulla to miss CWS

RahtummullaUCLA UCLA sophomore second baseman Tyler Rahmatulla will miss the 2010 College World Series after breaking his wrist in the postgame celebration on Sunday. He is currently hitting .328 with seven homers and 45 RBI on the year. This is a key loss for the Bruins as he is the team’s number three hitter in the order and provides leadership on the field. We should see how this effects the Bruins offense which heading into the CWS was the weakest out of the eight teams left.

H/T to Bruins Nation

  • hoss

    Why in the world do these Coaches allow the teams to “Dogpile” after a win like that? Have you ever been in a dogpile with grown menboys? You can be crushed. What a bunch of Nitwits the Coaches are to allow that to happen. OK , You’ve won your Super. Now lets get to Omaha healthy and happy…. But NO , even after all the major league teams have squashed the home plate celebrations in light of what happened to Kendry Morales ( a broken ankle in celebration )and out for the year. Wow, thats a trip this kid will always remember and probably cry all night about… I guess they could bring along another player to fill in. The 26th roster kid.. Mabe he’ll be the Heroe. Save the Dogpile for the WS Win..

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