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Interview with Garrett Regan of Oklahoma City

Garrett ReganGarrett Regan is a Senior first baseman for the Oklahoma City University Stars, currently ranked #3 in the NAIA and leading the Sooner Athletic Conference. Garrett is batting .366 with six home runs and 39 RBI. He was drafted in the 50th round out of high school. The Stars have a key matchup at Lubbock Christian this weekend.

Bob Broughton, CBB: How did you get from Calgary to Oklahoma City University?

Garrett Regan: OCU Coach Keith Lytle and my coach from the Prairie Baseball Academy, Blair Kubicek, have known each other a long time and while I was playing in Lethbridge they needed an outfielder here at OCU. So basically, Coach Kubicek is the reason I have gotten the opportunity to play down here.

BB: Most of the people reading this probably don’t know much about OCU. What can you tell us about the campus and the academic environment? What are you majoring in?

GR: It is a relatively small campus because it is a private school with only a few thousand students. It is nice because the class sizes are not that large, most of my classes only have around thirty people in them. I am majoring in business administration and the business school a highly regarded program not only in the state but in the country.

BB: You missed almost all of the 2009 season because of an injury. You’ve started every game this year. Did you have any trouble adjusting to being a full-time starter again?

GR: I don’t think I really had any trouble adjusting to playing every day again, but starting off it took me a little while to find my rhythm and approach at the plate. Starting off I thought I was right where I wanted to be my swing felt good and I had taken a lot of repetitions in the cages but there isn’t really anything quite like playing live in the game. So it just took me a little while to get adjusted again.

BB: OCU’s reputation is for its hitting, but the Stars still have a bunch of pitchers with low ERA’s. Which ones do you think might turn some heads when we start getting into the post-season?

GR: We expect Dustin Williams to stay as our ace, he gives us a solid outing every time he steps on the mound, I expect for him to be playing professionally next year. We have been hit with a few injuries this year but I think still have a strong rotation that will give us the opportunity to be successful.

BB: The Stars play in a strong conference, the Sooner Athletic Conference. You haven’t played Lubbock Christian and Wayland Baptist yet, but of the teams you have played, were there any teams or players that you were impressed with?

GR: We try to go out with the same approach to each team and have faith that it isn’t the other team that is going to beat us, if we lose it was more than likely because we beat ourselves. So it is hard to say players or teams that have impressed me because our focus is on what we bring to the table.

BB: The Stars have been a fixture at the NAIA Baseball National Championship in Lewiston. You went there in 2008, got five hits. Are you and your teammates talking about making another trip this year?

GR: Each year we come with the expectation to be competing in Lewiston, we always have the goal of being there so we do talk about it occasionally. But we know we have to concentrate on the games at hand to get there and can’t get to carried away with thinking of the national tournament.

BB: You’ve also played for the Prairie Baseball Academy in Lethbridge, AB. This is another institution that most readers of CBB aren’t familiar with. Tell us about it.

GR: It is a great program with a great coaching staff and facilities. I have to give most of the credit to that program for getting me down here. It is basically a junior college and was a great transition for me, it really helped me to mature as a ball player and a person. The coaches really know what they are doing which is reflected by their winning record. They are knowledgeable and really care about the program and the people in it.

BB: Another PBA alumnus I’m familiar with is Jeff Hall, who had a great season at British Columbia last year. Do you and Jeff keep in touch?

GR: Jeff and I will occasionally talk over Facebook, but not on a regular basis because we are both so busy.

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