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CBB Column: 2010 NCAA Regional Projections (April 22nd)

The College Baseball Blog continues our weekly countdown to the release of the 2010 NCAA Regional Brackets. The brackets are done as if the NCAA Tournament was set to start today. I ended up using Boyd’s World RPI which was updated through games on Tuesday as that was the latest available. The RPI changes dramatically every week especially before some of the schools start the conference campaign. You can check out the full bracket below which is our best estimate if the tournament started today.



1. Arizona State (1) *
2. New Mexico
3. Kentucky
4. Canisius *


1. Florida State
2. Auburn
3. Pittsburgh
4. Bethune-Cookman*


1. Texas (2) *
2. Oregon State
3. Texas State *
4. Centenary *


1. LSU
2. Rice *
3. Southeastern Louisiana
4. Southern *


1. Arkansas (3) *
2. Kansas State
3. Arkansas State *
4. Valparaiso *


1. TCU *
2. Oregon
3. Texas A&M
4. Central Michigan *


1. Virginia (4)
2. Western Kentucky
3. Alabama
4. Army *


1. Vanderbilt
2. Arizona
3. Liberty
4. VCU *


1. Georgia Tech (5) *
2. Ole Miss
3. Rutgers
4. Southeast Missouri State *


1. Louisville
2. Stanford
3. Kansas
4. Illinois State *


1. UCLA (6)
2. San Diego *
3. UC Irvine
4. Brown *


1. Cal State Fullerton *
2. California
3. Texas Tech
4. Sacramento State *


1. Coastal Carolina (7)*
2. Clemson
3. College of Charleston
4. Stony Brook *


1. South Carolina
2. The Citadel *
3. Virginia Tech
4. Charlotte *


1. Florida (8)
2. Connecticut *
3. Ohio State *
4. Wagner *


1. Miami (FL)
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida Atlantic
4. Florida Gulf Coast *


Last five in: Alabama, UC Irvine, Kentucky, Rutgers, Virginia Tech

First ten out: Baylor, East Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana-Lafayette, Washington State, Georgia Southern, Washington, Northwestern State, Michigan

(#) denotes national seed

* denotes automatic bid

  • As nice as it would be for Centenary to go to the post season in their final games as a D1 school, their move to D3 includes no post-season participation this year, including conference tournaments.

    • I must had missed that somehow!

      • centgentsfan

        that is incorrect. the Centenary Gents are eligible for postseason play as they sit atop the Summit League standings. They are definitely eligible for the Summit League tournament and God willing the NCAA regionals

    • CentGents

      PodKatt – I believe you have sited inaccurate information regarding Centenary. They do not go to D3 until the 2012 season and they are eligible for post-season participation including the conference tournament.

  • Tigerterrace

    Pretty Good-The only comment I will make this week is that I think you have to include South Alabama or at the very least have them in the First Ten Out category. At the current time, USA leads the Sunbelt Conference which is ranked 5th as a conference. I think because of this the Sunbelt will warrant 3 bids as a league. You list La-Lafayette as a team to watch, but they are currently 10-8 and in 7th place in the league. There are still 4 weekends to go and USA goes to the number 2 team this week and host Florida Atlantic the current #3 in two weeks.

    I’m an SEC guy, but I could see the committee giving three bids to the Sunbelt especially to the regular season champion before giving a 9th bid to the SEC.

  • Gamecock

    WHY DO YOU KEEP PICKING COASTAL AND FLORIDA TO BE A NATIONAL SEED OVER THE GAMECOCKS? Stop being dumb. Florida is behind South Carolina in the SEC. They should be ranked ahead of florida. Coastal will not be a national seed over South Carolina either.

  • Coastal and Florida have better resumes then South Carolina right now.

  • centgentsfan

    that is incorrect. the Centenary Gents are eligible for postseason play as they sit atop the Summit League standings. My son plays for Centenary and they are definitely eligible for the Summit League tournament and God willing the NCAA regionals

  • My Bad. I thought I had read somewhere months ago when they first announced the move that postseason play was off the table till they completed the move. I thought it was and NCAA rule. I must be mistaken.

    Great to have 4 (maybe more, but Northwestern and Southeastern are an either/or situation) LA teams make the post season.

  • Tigerterrace

    Coastal and Florida are on to different plains right now. Florida has a high RPI and has done it against the #1 schedule. Coastal has a high RPI based mainly on record because they have played the #49th SOS.

    South Carolina is right on the edge because they have an RPI of 16, but have the SOS of 61.

    I am an Auburn fan and Auburn has a record of 26-13, RPI of 17 and a SOS of 12. Within that is three losses at Arizona State. just for argument sake if Auburn had played a home series against a weaker team it probably would have meant a record of 29-10, RPI of 15 and a SOS of 20.

  • How about Uconn hosting a regional??

  • Ed

    Do they even have the facilities to do that?

    • They could play at the Norwich stadium where they played a home game last season.

  • Tigerterrace

    I could see UCONN getting that chance. I will say this right now on 4/26 they are 21 in RPI. So for them to host I would say that they would need to be in the Top 18 to 20. The record is what is driving the RPI, so it is hard to use the cold weather excuse that we have seen in the past. Often when Northern School have been given a regional it has been with a record that falls way short, but the excuse has always been that they played 10 of there first 15 on the road. The only negative is that the 33-7 record is due to the fact that the schedule is ranked outside of the Top 100.

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