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CBB Column: 2010 NCAA Regional Projections (April 15th)

The College Baseball Blog continues our weekly release of Regional Projections with Colin Weber sitting in this week. They are done through games on Tuesday as that was the latest available RPI figures we could find. You can check out the full bracket below. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the article with what you think is right and wrong.


1. Arizona State (1) *
2. New Mexico *
3. Kansas
4. South Dakota State *


1. Georgia Tech *
2. The Citadel *
3. Connecticut
4. Charlotte *


1. Arkansas (2) *
2. Oklahoma
3. Arkansas State
4. Canisius *


1. Oregon State
2. Kansas State
3. UC Irvine
4. Illinois State *


1. UCLA (3)
2. Rice *
3. Fresno State *
4. Wagner *


1. Cal State Fullerton *
2. Cal
3. San Diego *
4. Illinois-Chicago *


1. Texas (4) *
2. Texas State *
3. Washington State
4. Texas Southern *


1. TCU
2. Texas A&M
3. Oregon
4. Army *


1. Virginia (5)
2. Auburn
3. Michigan State *
4. UMBC *


1. Louisville
2. Vanderbilt
3. Virginia Tech
4. Toledo *


1. Florida (6)
2. Arizona
3. Western Carolina
4. South Florida *


1. Miami (FL)
2. Western Kentucky *
3. Pitt
4. Florida Gulf Coast *


1. Florida State (7)
2. Ole Miss
3. South Alabama
4. Bethune Cookman *


1. LSU
2. Baylor
3. Southeastern Louisiana
4. Southeast Missouri State *


1. Coastal Carolina (8) *
2. Alabama
3. North Carolina
4. Columbia *


1. Clemson
2. South Carolina
3. College of Charleston
4. VCU *

Last five in: Kansas, UC Irvine, Arkansas State, Western Carolina, Pittsburgh

Next ten out: Kentucky, VMI, Appalachian State, Northwestern State, Liberty, Stanford, Wichita State, Washington, James Madison, New Mexico State

  • Tom

    I realize that the Big East is a much improved conference this year from past year and I’m a big, Big East fan but 4 teams in?? wow. I think that’s really wishful thinking..

  • Joe

    Do you project USF getting in as Big East Champion or Big East Tournament champion?

    • We just included them as the Big East Tourney Champ as they are in first place.

  • Tigerterrace

    I will not disagree with the Big East seeing four teams in because the growing trend over the last couple of years has been to give a little break to the Northern teams. This is generally seen as a way to level the playing field for starting the season so early. Northern schools typically do not have the records, RPIs or quality wins of several of the Southern or Western schools including the mid-majors.

    Mr Weber I will commend you for at least not having any glaring holes in this weeks projections.

    • Colin Weber did our projections last season but has not been able to do them this year. He is much more experienced in Bracketolgy then me!

  • Tigerterrace

    If you read my comments from the April 6th projection. I felt as if the projection came straight from the RPI and while the RPI has always been a great indicator of how teams can be bracketed as far as seeds. There are some holes in it also. Thee are always certain teams that look great on paper, because they have one or two great wins against the top teams. Then a closer look reveals that they are 3-7. There are certain questions that are always out there. Does the SEC get 8 or 9 teams? Does the ACC get 7 or 8? If the SEC gets 8 and the ACC gets 8, then that is 25% of the field and 50% of the host sites.

  • RIck

    Clemson and USC in the same region, like hell.

  • Tigerterrace

    Where you go right now is not as important as whether or not you are in. I would agree that you would probably see USC go to Coastal Carolina and Auburn would go to Clemson and Bama would go to Virginia. There is usually a feeling to limit travel and reward teams that finish higher in the conference. So if Auburn finishes ahead of Bama in the standing you could see Auburn go to FSU, Clemson or Ga Tech. All are a couple of hours away from Auburn for fans. Good crowds for the home team also. If USC doesn’t host then they get rewarded with a trip to Coastal Carolina or Ga Tech. In the past, we have seen all Louisiana Regionals at LSU.

  • Tigerterrace

    Something else I looked at was the Big East teams and while I still say that it is too early to tell how everything will shake out. I will put this out there for your next projection. Currently, the Big East is regarded as the #7 league by RPI. Now Louisville is #4 there is no doubt that they are in they may host. UCONN is 28, so they are solid right now. But when you look at the other two teams, you have Pitt (42) and USF (103) and has a losing record. I see you have them as an automatic, so I guess they host the tournament. Pitt’s high RPI is based on record not on quality wins, they have beaten rutgers once and Louisville once. In relation, the Sunbelt has a RPI of #5 and has two bids, i would say right now they are a three bid league with Western Kentucky (31), Florida Atlantic (39) and conference leader USA (55).

  • Tiger,

    Pitt beat Louisville twice. USF was in first place when we did the article but has lost the first two games this weekend against an interesting Rutgers squad that is up and down alot.

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