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NCBWA Division 1 Poll (March 22nd)


DALLAS – The National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association continues its tradition of NCAA Division I polls for the 13th year with its 2010 weekly surveys. Weekly polls will be circulated from Feb. 22-June 29 following the 64th annual NCAA World Series in Omaha, Neb., and final CWS competition at historic Rosenblatt Stadium.

The poll voters come from 40 college baseball writers and related media persons from throughout the nation. This week’s poll has representation by 11 different conferences among the 302 baseball-playing schools in the 2010 NCAA Division I ranks, and there have been 14 circuits in the surveys this season. Last year there were 17 different leagues (from 30 in NCAA Division I) among the Top 30 polls. For more information or to join the NCBWA, please go to

Rank School Conference Overall Record Previous Rank
1 Virginia Atlantic Coast 17-3 1
2 Arizona State Pacific-10 20-0 2
3 Georgia Tech ACC 16-2 3
4 LSU Southeastern 16-3 6
5 Florida SEC 16-3 8
6 Florida State ACC 15-4 4
7 TCU Mountain West 15-3 7
8 Clemson ACC 17-2 9
9 Texas Big 12 15-5 5
10 Louisville Big East 17-2 10
11 UCLA Pac-10 16-0 13
12 Miami (Fla.) ACC 14-5 11
13 Oregon State Pac-10 14-3 15
14 Coastal Carolina Big South 17-3 12
15 Oklahoma Big 12 18-2 16
16 Arkansas SEC 13-5 14
17 North Carolina ACC 15-6 17
18 UC Irvine Big West 13-6 21
19 Mississippi SEC 15-5 22
20 Alabama SEC 16-2 23
21 South Carolina SEC 16-4 24
22 Rice Conference USA 12-9 19
23 Vanderbilt SEC 16-4 18
24 Stanford Pac-10 10-4 28
25 Texas A&M Big 12 15-4 26
26 Kentucky SEC 15-5 20
27 Southeastern Louisiana Southland 18-2 30
28 Arizona Pac-10 16-4 NR
29 East Carolina C-USA 11-8 25
30 Western Kentucky Sun Belt 16-5 NR

Others receiving votes (listed alphabetically): Auburn (14-5), Bethune-Cookman (12-9), Cal State Fullerton (10-9), Cal State Northridge (13-6), College of Charleston (17-5), Connecticut (10-5), Florida International (13-7), George Mason (10-4), Kansas (11-8), Kansas State (15-3), Middle Tennessee State (13-6), New Mexico (14-7), Ohio State (12-4), Oklahoma State (12-2), Oregon (16-6), Southern Miss (13-5), The Citadel (14-5), Tulane (15-6), VMI (18-2), Washington State (11-5).

Dropped Out: Kansas (27), Cal State Fullerton (29)

By conference: SEC 8, ACC 6, Pac-10 5, Big 12 3, C-USA 2, Big East 1, Big South 1, Big West 1, MWC 1, SLC 1, Sun Belt 1.

  • A. Bowman

    How can you rank Virginia above the ASU Sun Devils? The record alone proves otherwise. 20-0 v. 17-3 ASU has a top five RPI. Is it just East Coast bias or wishful thinking? UCLA deserves to be above Virginia too. ASU swept Cal Poly, Auburn, Houston and Cal State Fullerton. Every other ranking has ASU number one. This just shows that your rankings are totally subjective. Even though Virginia is very good, you can not justify this without resorting to “well some teams played by Virginia are better than those played by ASU.” ASU would beat Virginia head to head everytime and you know it.

    • First, I don’t vote in the NCBWA poll.

      Anyways, the argument with Virginia being number 1 is the fact they have ROAD series wins over Florida State and East Carolina. Arizona State has left their home state for two games all season when they visited Cal-State Fullerton.

      The only ranking that matters is at the end of the season.

  • A. Bowman

    That is just about what I thought would be said. Use something totally subjective like location of play. Not RPI, Not wins v. losses. If the only thing that matters is at the end, why waste time even mentioning any polls since they mean nothing. Because it is for the fun of it, not because it means anything important. In the end the sun devils will probably be at the world series, I am not sure about Virginia. I never said that they were not a great team.

    Also, I just wrote a reply as the site invites. Why take it any other way than it is just banter about my favorite team? I have lost interest in this site. It is not fun.

  • Mark Rafferty

    A. Bowman,

    We love banter and opinion, that’s why it’s a blog. If you have an opinion about college baseball, you’re free to share it.

    I’m a Sun Devil and think they deserve the #1 spot. At the same time, Virginia is damn good. I saw them play in the Fullerton Regional in 2008 when they had a glut of Freshman talent, and got to hear Brian O’Connor talk about his future plans for the team first hand.

    ASU has two negatives going against them in voters minds: 1. They don’t travel East of Tucson, and 2. The Murphy/Esmay transition.

    Remember, it’s just a poll. It’s not like the #1 and #2 teams automatically play for the championship like in football.

    Conference play is coming up, we’ll find out who is a top dog then. In the meantime, keep visiting the site!

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