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CBB Column: NCAA Regional Projections (Feb. 25th)

By: Michael Lemaire

The season is now one week old and while its still very early to be jumping to any rash conclusions, there was a lot of moving and shaking in the brackets. Instead of boring you all with long sentences strung together to form paragraphs, I thought it might be fun to introduce my new way of unveiling the brackets called “7 things we learned”.

So without further ado.

1. Rice can’t lose four straight games to start the season and still expect to keep a national seed, or even stay in the field of 64 for that matter.

2. Kentucky could be a player in the SEC thanks to a loaded rotation. Even without stud James Paxton, the Wildcats rotation oozes talent.

3. Cal State Fullerton needs a lot of work offensively. We will find out exactly how fast they get it turned around when they host TCU.

4. Oregon isn’t the same pushover they were last year. The Ducks might still be a year away, but as Brian pointed out, they will make a lot of noise this season under George Horton.

5. Either Tulane truly can’t hit, or Boston College isn’t a fluke. The Eagles’ offense lost talent, but there was no drop-off in that first weekend.

6. The PAC-10 might not be as far down as people thought. In addition to Oregon, USC took two-of-three from Cal Poly. We will know more after this weekend’s Dodgertown Classic.

7. Georgia is still too young and inexperienced right now. A lot of people pegged the Bulldogs as a Top 20 team, and they still could be by season’s end, but a 2-2 start isn’t going to cut it.

Here are the brackets if the 2010 NCAA Tournament started today.

1. Virginia (1)*

2. Vanderbilt

3. Cal Poly

4. Wagner *

1. TCU*

2. Oregon

3. Oral Roberts *

4. Binghamton*

1. LSU (2) *

2. Texas A&M

3. North Carolina State

4. Army *

1. Cal State Fullerton


3. Boston College

4. Florida Gulf Coast*

1. Georgia Tech (3)

2. Mississippi

3. Long Beach State

4. Dartmouth *

1. Arizona State

*2. Wichita State

3. Pepperdine

4. Murray State*

1. Texas (4) *

2. Stanford

3. UC Riverside

4. Texas State*

1. Coastal Carolina *

2. Oklahoma

3. Southern Mississippi

4. Dayton *

1. UC Irvine (5) *

2. Oregon State

3. Dallas Baptist

4. Nevada *

1. Louisville *

2. North Carolina

3. Alabama

4. Ball State*

1. Florida State (6)

2. Minnesota

3. Georgia

4. Manhattan*

1. Clemson

2. East Carolina *

3. Middle Tennessee State*

4. UConn

1. Florida (7)

2. Ohio State *

3. New Mexico

4. Wright State*

1. Miami (FL)

2. Kentucky

3. Western Kentucky

4. Bethune-Cookman*

1. South Carolina (8)

2. San Diego *

3. Fresno State

4. James Madison*

1. Arkansas

2.  Kansas

3. Elon*

4. Southern*

Last five in: UConn, Western Kentucky, Alabama, Boston College, UC Riverside

First ten out: Arizona, Washington St, Lamar, Baylor , Texas Tech, Sam Houston State, UNC Wilmington, Mississippi State, Rice, Winthrop

  • 6-4-3

    TCU is a good #1 pick and I would not be surprised to see them as a national seed before it is all over. They are the real deal. Everyone talks about Texas pitching staff, They have nothing on TCU. By the way, I am not a TCU fan.

  • Right now, TCU’s offense has been better then Texas.

  • Agree on the above post regarding TCU AND Texas, I’m also not a fan of either. And at this point Rice does not deserv to be in, nor does UT or CSF deserve a 1 seed, but it is awful early.
    Oregon is off to a good start but I’m going to bet the under on them being a 2 seed at the end of May or even making the dance but agree they deserve the love they are getting after weekend 1. I like 5 Pac-10 teams in but don’t know if that is the 5 that will actually make it. They keep playing like they’ve started and they might get 6, but that would mean the SEC, ACC would only get like what 7 each and with their inflated RPIs that seems unlikely unless they fall flat in their cupcake OOC’s. I’ll also take the under on 3 Big East teams in the dance. About 3 more weeks and we’ll begin to see how smart we think we were now….

  • iron 27

    Where is the Atlantic 10 winner?

  • Michael Lemaire

    Iron 27,

    I made the change, Dayton somehow got lost in the shuffle. I replaced St. John’s with the Flyers. Good looking out!

  • Doug

    Long Beach State is 1-4 and has been outscored 26-6, how are they in the field at all, leta lone a three seed?

  • I’ve seen all Texas has offered this season in terms of pitching (They’ll probably only go 9-10 deep in the entire staff), and they are for sure a solid group of arms. I will see TCU at the Houston College Classic and again in Fort Worth when they host Texas Tech, but if y’all think that the Frogs staff trumps what Augie puts on the mound, then TCU must have one hell of a chance to make it to Omaha.

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