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CBB 2010 Preseason Regional Projections

NCAARegionalProjections Although the season has yet to begin, it is never too early to begin speculating about which 64 teams will make it to Regionals and potentially Omaha. Keep in mind nobody has played any games yet All of this is based on preseason expectations, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to do for discussion.

Feel free to email me if I am blatantly off the mark or if any team is missing. Just be gentle, after all, this is the best time of the year.

1. Texas (1) *

2. Minnesota

3. Long Beach State

4. Wagner *

1. Florida State

2. East Carolina

3. Oral Roberts *

4. Binghamton*

1. Virginia (2) *

2. Texas A&M

3. Cal Poly

4. Army *

1. TCU *

2. San Diego *

3. Kansas

4. Florida Gulf Coast*

1. Rice (3) *

2. Vanderbilt

3. Oklahoma

4. Dartmouth *

1. South Carolina

2. North Carolina

3. Notre Dame

4. Eastern Illinois*

1. LSU (4) *

2. Stanford

3. South Florida

4. Texas State*

1. Coastal Carolina *

2. Southern Mississippi

3. Dayton *

4. Charlotte

1. Cal State Fullerton (5) *

2. Ohio State *

3. San Diego State

4. Nevada *

1. Louisville *

2. Fresno State *

3. Alabama

4. Ball State*

1. Georgia Tech (6)

2. Wichita State *

3. Georgia

4. Manhattan*

1. Clemson


3. Middle Tennessee State*

4. Hawaii

1. UC Irvine (7)

2. Tulane

3. Boston College

4. Wright State*

1. Arizona State *

2. Mississippi

3. Pepperdine

4. Southern*

1. Florida (8)

2. Miami (FL)

3. Kentucky

4. James Madison*

1. Arkansas

2. Oregon State

3. Elon *

4. Bethune-Cookman*

Last five in: Hawaii, Charlotte, Kentucky, San Diego State, Boston College

First ten out: Arizona, Washington St, St. John’s, Sam Houston State, Virginia Tech, Houston, UNC Wilmington, Oklahoma State, Dallas Baptist, NC State

  • 6-4-3

    I think this will be a breakout year for the Southland. It will become more than a one bid league. The top of the conference is very good.

  • We should see what happens!

  • pokie

    No complaints here, love what I see. However, 3 from the WAC? Has this ever happened before?

  • buster

    Auburn could be a sleeper…brutal conference to overcome though

  • Mason

    Just one team from the Sun Belt? … Don’t recall the last time they haven’t had atleast 2, especially with the teams they have this year.

    • I personally see both Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State getting in…

  • Dave

    Agree with Pokie’s question re: three from the WAC. I don’t see how that happens when they are a two bid max team since Rice left (got two in ’06) and usually only get one (’07-’09).

    Next, the placement of teams. Western teams aren’t going to be shipped out of the region unless there is no place for them out here. Under your scenario with three western hosts and twelve teams, some will have to be shipped out although there will likely be 1-2 less western teams, primarily San Diego State and at least one of the teams from the WAC.

    EX: If Tulane and Oregon State are both two seeds, Tulane would be much more likely to end up at Arkansas and OSU much more likely to end up at Irvine.

    Same thing with UCLA and Fresno being two seeds at Clemson and L’ville when the two seed at Fullerton is Ohio State. OSU would be much more likely to be the two seed at L’ville with UCLA the two seed at Fullerton.

    P’dine as a three seed would also be taking a short bus ride to either Fullerton or Irvine instead of a long one to ASU. Same thing for USD as a 2 seed.

    Boring? Yeah, but that’s what the NCAA does out every year.

  • Agree with this Dave…This was Mike’s first time doing Regional projections and I didn’t have that long to look over them for “travel” concerns.

    I will have a chance to look over next week’s more in depth.

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