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Aman Reaka’s Top 100 Countdown: 49-25

JoshRutledgeAlabama Welcome to my yearly Pre-season 2010 college baseball top 100 (draft eligible) players. This list is not meant to be a prediction of draft position, although in some sense it wont be too far off. My list is more about who I think will have more success at the next level. This is not a science. It is purely my opinion after watching video, talking to scouts and scouting some of the players personally. This is the pre-season list which in all honesty shouldn’t really even be attempted. A chunk of these players wont even be in the story by years end and many others will need to be included. This list is purely a vehicle to make you aware of what the college landscape and the MLB draft might look like. I will do this all over again after the college season is over. Questions and comments can be emailed to and you can also find me on Twitter @bkmhoxx. Enjoy.

49. Josh Spence – Arizona St., Left handed pitcher

85-86 FB, great arsenal of pitches, dazzles hitters at times, fun to watch, Moyer/Glavine comps

48. Kevin Keyes – Texas, 1b/OF

Very strong, huge guy, good bat speed, avg. arm, raw power, holes in his swing

47. Ross Wilson – Alabama, 2b/SS

Power/speed combo, solid bat, good eye, probably a middle infielder, sleeper alert

46. Seth Blair – Arizona St., Right handed pitcher

89-93 FB, good movement, avg. slider, good CH, decent CB, may surprise

45. Rob Rasmussen – UCLA, Left handed pitcher

Smaller guy, 90-93 FB, good CB, decent CH, decent slider, good command of 4 pitches, aggressive, low effort delivery

44. Kevin Rhoderick – Oregon St., Right handed pitcher

Mid 90’s FB, good slider, poor command, bullpen?

43. Chance Ruffin – Texas, Right handed pitcher

Low 90’s FB, huge CB, excellent control, smallish guy, hard nosed

42. Jake Eliopoulos – Chipola JC, Left handed pitcher

Projectable body, good command, 87-90 FB, advanced for his age, 2nd rounder last year

41. Tony Thompson – Kansas, 3b

Good bat, impressive power, good glove at times, rising in the rankings, will miss first 4-6 weeks w/ broken kneecap

40. Josh Rutledge – Alabama, SS

Stud on defense, solid bat, avg. ceiling/high floor, spray hitter, some power, nothing flashy

39. Andy Wilkins – Arkansas, 1b

Good lefty swing, plus power to all fields, good defense, runs well, some holes in his swing

38. Gary Brown – Cal St. Fullerton, OF/2b

Excellent speed, inconsistent bat, top of the order guy, may be good at 2b in pros?

37. Cody Hawn – Tennessee, 1b

Great lefty power, bad body, great kid, legitimate middle of the order guy, Matt Stairs comps

36. Yasmani Grandal – Miami, Catcher

Power and plate discipline, good defense, strong arm, can hit hit well enough?

35. Micah Gibbs – LSU, Catcher

Raw power, solid bat, excellent plate discipline, great defense and makeup

34. Sammy Solis – San Diego, Left handed pitcher

Big lefty, low 90’s FB, good repertoire

33. Rob Brantly – UC Riverside, Catcher

Sophomore, good defense, very good hitter, big time sleeper

32. Daniel Renken – Cal St. Fullerton, Right handed pitcher

Low 90’s FB splitter, good command, good CH, changes speeds, attacks hitters

31. Chris Hernandez – Miami, Left handed pitcher

Plus FB and CH, control issues, mid rotation pitchability guy

30. Bryan Morgado – Tennessee, Left handed pitcher

Good FB 90-92, good CB, decent CH, cant hold runners/slow to the plate, not much projection

29. Derek Dietrich – Ga.Tech, SS/3b

Avg. hitter, avg. power, K’s too much, glove fits better at 3b, could slide in this draft

28. Matt Harvey – North Carolina, Right handed pitcher

94 mph heavy FB, excellent CB, decent CH, poor command, works fast, high upside, could rise or fall a lot

27. Michael Choice – UT Arlington, Outfield

Great power, below avg. speed and arm, LF in the pros

26. Leon Landry – LSU, Outfield

Superior athlete, line drives hitter, blazing speed, power potential, highlight catches, good ceiling

25. Hunter Morris – Auburn, 1b

Power is his lunch ticket, decent bat, good defense and makeup

  • I may be comparing apples to oranges here (LHP to C), but of the two Miami guys listed here, I think Grandal has better impact stuff for the next level. As Aman says, he’s got great plate discipline–he’s a solid hitter, and should continue to be so at the next level.

    But Hernandez is a LHP, and there’s no end to the need for lefties in the big leagues. I think if he were a righty, he’d be further down on the list. Just my two cents. Hernandez might turn it around this year, but he was extremely disappointing last year compared to his ACC Freshman of the Year campaign two seasons ago.

  • Aman Reaka

    I completely agree Kyle.
    Grandal will more than likely be the first catcher chosen in this draft (not named Bryce Harper). I am not in love with Grandal although a lot of scouts are. Hernandez is a lefty back of the rotation guy but guys like that are still worth a lot.

    • I am not a fan of Grandal as a catcher. He tends to struggle when I have seen him on five occasions. I could see him moved to first base.

      • BKMHOXX (Aman Reaka)

        I have heard his defense is quite good. So if he can hit even a tiny bit, they wont move him from the catching spot.

        • I saw him and he was a disaster behind the plate. Maybe it just was a couple of bad games.

          • BKMHOXX (Aman Reaka)

            Yeah. Thats why its risky to make full-on judgments from just seeing a guy once or twice. We shall see how this year ends up for him.

  • Duk

    Wow. Michael Choice at UTA has “bel. avg speed and arm”? Last fall at their scout day, he ran a 6.56 and a 6.6 60 (6.9 is MLB avg), and has been clocked off the mound at 90 mph (a MLB avg FB). I’d assume if he could do that off the mound, it’s probably better with a running start/crow hop from the OF. Tough crowd around here…

    • I personally love Choice as seen from my rankings. Aman’s rankings are his opinion not the opinion of the entire TCBB

      • Aman Reaka

        I like Choice a lot. He is for sure in my top 6-8 outfielders in this draft. I am really high on some of the top of the order speed guys in this one and of course Brentz and J. Parker have huge potential, so its not that i dont like Choice. I think he can be a hella powerful LFer and a blast to watch him swing it.

    • Aman Reaka

      If you have recent numbers that show him as improved in those 2 areas, then by all means, im listening. Nonetheless, those numbers will still not put him in CF in pro ball and his arm wont play in RF so i would still bet he winds up as a LFer with good power. So maybe my scouting report should say avg speed and arm. I appreciate the newer info. Thanks Duk.

  • steve

    I still laugh your leaving out a 6’4 200lb RH pitcher Ryan Carbah,Still has never given up a homerun strike out ratio of 2.00 IP, throws 89-94fb With a very heavy ball that has a foot or more movemnt on it,last summer of An Era of .40 in 20 games averages 1.50 era also has a good CB.With good Comand of all his pitches..

  • BKMHOXX (Aman Reaka)

    Carbah will be drafted im sure but to be laughed at for leaving a MIAA D-II pitcher off of a college top 100 i dont think makes much sense. He has good numbers facing far inferior competition and the fact that he is a senior also will work against him. He is a name to watch for sure! He has the body and tools to make some noise.

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