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Aman Reaka’s Top 100 Countdown: 74-50

Written by: Aman Reaka

FletcherBrianAuburn Welcome to my yearly Pre-season 2010 college baseball top 100 (draft eligible) players. This list is not meant to be a prediction of draft position, although in some sense it wont be too far off. My list is more about who I think will have more success at the next level. This is not a science. It is purely my opinion after watching video, talking to scouts and scouting some of the players personally. This is the pre-season list which in all honesty shouldn’t really even be attempted. A chunk of these players wont even be in the story by years end and many others will need to be included. This list is purely a vehicle to make you aware of what the college landscape and the MLB draft might look like. I will do this all over again after the college season is over. Questions and comments can be emailed to and you can also find me on Twitter @bkmhoxx. Enjoy.

74. Scott Alexander – Sonoma St., Left handed pitcher

Electric stuff, no clue where it’s going, Pepperdine transfer

73. Colin Walsh – Stanford, 2b/ss?

Good swing, some power projection, excellent glove, future utility guy, Luis Castillo comps (minus the speed)

72. Asher Wojciechowski – Citadel, Right handed pitcher

Good arm, pitchers build, his command is in question

71. Kyle Parker – Clemson, Outfield

Superb athlete, Clemson QB, excellent power, good on base skills, big arm

70. Cory Vaughn – San Diego St., Outfield

Good arm, awesome power, athletic, great body, Greg Vaughn’s son, Matt kemp comps, true sleeper

69. Tanner Robles – Oregon St., Left handed pitcher

Good stuff, deceptive, good CB, delivery question marks, hasn’t had overly impressive results

68. Mike Olt – UCONN, SS/3b

Big power, good arm, may be an OF in due time, another good sleeper

67. Craig Fritsch – Baylor, Right handed pitcher

Mid 90’s FB, solid slider and CH, great frame, can be overpowering, inconsistent

66. Kevin Patterson – Aubrun, DH/1b/RF

Lefty power bat, needs better contact, upper cut, slow runner, decent on defense

65. Mike Nesseth – Nebraska, Right handed pitcher

Power stuff, can be a shut down pitcher, inconsistent

64. BJ Guinn – California, 2b

Speedy middle infielder, switch hitter, solid defense

63. Shawn Tolleson – Baylor, Right handed pitcher

Hard thrower with more left to project, elbow questions, TJ surgery in HS, can really move up or down from here

62. Brian Fletcher – Auburn, Outfield

Great swing, athletic, big time lefty power, decent bat, needs better contact rate

61. Troy Scott – Washington, 1b

Huge kid, plus power and more developing, low average, decent contact skills, athletic

60. Daniel Bibona – UC Irvine, Left handed pitcher

Good command, plus CH, ridiculous control, Glavine and Spence comps

59. John Gast – Florida St., Left handed pitcher

Tommy John survivor, was a top LHP in the country, decent CB, mid 90’s FB, thick with a strong lower body, challenges hitters, inconsistent

58. Cameron Rupp – Texas, Catcher

True power hitter, great at drawing walks, good behind the plate, could surprise

57. Tyler Lyons – Oklahoma St., Left handed pitcher

Excellent CB, great command, 4 solid pitches, 90-92 sinker, #3/4 starter, excellent CH, big hips

56. Greg Peavey – Oregon St., Right handed pitcher

Mid 90’s sinking FB, plus slider, very little future projection, bullpen stud?

55. Mitch Karraker – Oregon, Catcher

Big left handed bat, ucl injury in his past, huge sleeper

54. Austin Wates – Virginia Tech, Outfield

Great speed, good tools, hits well, good defense, good plate discipline, not much power

53. Victor Sanchez – San Diego, 3b

Raw power, athletic, solid arm but maybe a 2b in future?

52. Cody Wheeler – Coastal Carolina, Left handed pitcher

FB 88-92, good control

51. A.J. Griffin – San Diego, Right handed pitcher

Big body at 6’5, 90-93 FB, good slider, good command

50. Nick Tepesch – Missouri, Right handed pitcher

Live arm, poor command, decent CH, 4 average pitches, future bullpen guy?

Come back tomorrow for the next 25 players in his countdown. You can check out the rest of his list by clicking here.

  • Zac


    Are there any players not in your top 100 that could rise once we get closer to the draft?

  • Aman Reaka

    On Thursday when 1-25 are published, I will include a list of 20-40 (not sure yet) sleepers that could easily rise into a top 100 or even the top 50 by seasons end.

  • robert

    why is Nick Tepesch and Craig Fritsch so low on your list? They are both power arms with alot of upside. They both have to potential to be top 50 draft picks if they just can control the ball. do you agree?

  • pokie

    I notice your countdown lists more West Coast players than the other lists presented so far.

  • Just an FYI, Aman is from the midwest.

  • BKMHOXX (Aman Reaka)

    @ Robert: Tepesch and Fritsch would have been much higher on my list if this were last year but after seeing them, they were not impressive to me. The only reason they are even this high is purely based on their physical talents, projection and the fact that they do have decent upside. With that said, they both could easily show improved stuff and consistency this year and move up the list. You mention “if they can just control the ball.” Well “controlling the ball” is a huge issue and it can really hurt a pitchers draft stock.

    @pokie: I hadnt even noticed that and it was nothing purposeful. I am located in Big 12 country.

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