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Should we blame Title IX?

Duqusene Baseball John Steigerwald of The Observer-Reporter checked in with an interesting article on Sunday about how Title IX is coming to blame for the elimination of four sports (including baseball) at Duquesne. The article states that Title IX was set up to prevent any person from being excluded on the basis of sex from any educational program or activity receiving federal funding. Is that really what is happening at Duquesne and other schools around the country?

I don’t know but you can read the full article by clicking here.

  • Sounds like some old crank with an axe to grind if you ask me.

  • pokie

    Two solutions:
    1. Don’t accept federal funding,
    2. For every female enrolled, enroll thrice as many males.

    Title IX is here to stay as long as females pay taxes.

  • Hal Egeland

    Put this back on the front page…please!
    It deserves a 2nd look, at least to allow players and parents of players to ask the question about an insitution’s situation with their athletic programs. Is Duquesne putting up a fight or just rolling over.

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