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KR: New Coaches Looking to Impress

ErikBakich Kendall Rogers of recently ranked the new coaching hires from across the country. He ranks Tom Walter as the best coaching hire which I disagree with somewhat. I think the best hire in the country was at Maryland as they picked up Erik Bakich from Vanderbilt. Bakich was the heart and soul of the Vanderbilt program in bringing in some great players like Pedro Alvarez and David Price.

You can check out Kendall’s full article by clicking here.

  • Agree that Bakich is a great hire for the Terps, but they’ll never be able to recruit with the best until they upgrade their facilities. Students on campus in College Park can probably hear Shipley Field groaning from aches and pains late at night. It will be as painful as moving basketball out of old Cole Field House, but it needs to be done. The architecture is beautiful, but it’s not a good place to play a game. Not to mention, they could really upgrade the wiring in the stadium–two years ago when Georgia Tech was in town, the tv and radio crew combined overloaded the power, causing an outage that took out the scoreboard and both broadcasts!

    As an ACC announcer, would love to see Maryland turn it around this year and make it to Greensboro. It’s a long journey, though.

    Kyle Tait
    Sports Director
    WREK Atlanta

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