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NCAA schools propose changes to current baseball scheduling

NCAAPhoto After last season’s changes to the schedule for NCAA baseball teams, a proposal has been raised to add a 14th week onto the beginning of the scheduling period to allow an easement from the already cramped 56-game schedule the NCAA allows.

The proposal, sponsored by Conference USA, is opposed by a group comprised solely of schools in the North, including all eleven schools in the Big 10. The opposition suggest a 14th week added at the end of the season, after spring classes are finished.

The proponents of the proposal insist that an extra week at the beginning of the season would ease the amount of classes that are missed by student-athletes during the midweek, while the opponents’ argument is based on the cold weather in the north affecting their scheduling.

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  • DrB

    I do hope they do something to alleviate the number of midweek games. Its nice for a fan but its a bit grueling.

  • DrB,

    The Northern schools dealt with this for many years. I agree with some of the coaches opinions about adding the extra week at the back end of the season as it gives them another weekend of potential home games.

  • How about adding some league games in midweek during the fall? You can work around the football schedules and you can get some weeknight games going. This is what club teams do.

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