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Big Decision coming for Clemson’s Parker

KyleParkerClemson Paul Strelow of The State has a good article about Clemson junior outfielder Kyle Parker’s big decision coming up in the near future. Parker is also the starting quarterback on the Clemson football team where he is set to finish up his first season behind center. He is likely going to be a high selection in the 2010 MLB Draft if he tells a potential team that he will commit fully to baseball.

You can check out the full article by clicking here.

  • DrB

    Jack Leggett has intimated that he has a long way to go to become a high draft pick. Kyle has power potential and can hit for average, even though last year was down, but he has no position and his defense is…..well not great.

    For the most part he plays DH for us, and some OF. If his defense improves he could be a very high pick, but I don’t see that growing so much in one year.

  • Baseball America rates him as the 71st best prospect for the 2010 MLB Draft. So that comes out to about a 4-7th round selection.

    We should see how he does.

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