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UMES to start Fall Series on Friday


BryanChaikowskyUMES PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – Head coach Will Gardner and the UMES baseball team announced the dates for the Hawks’ annual Maroon-Grey World Series Tuesday.

The series is slated to begin Nov. 6 and run through Nov. 13. The best-of-seven event is designed to cap off the non-traditional workout period for UMES. The members of each side are chosen by team captains.

"We’ve given ourselves a huge window this year to get it done," said Gardner. "Every year our guys have gotten themselves all worked up to end the fall on a very competitive high note, only to have it zapped away due to practice restrictions and weather. We’re determined not to let it happen this year."

The game strategies are defined by the members of each team. Each individual is graded by a point system and points are posted after every game. There is a series winner and individual awards can be earned based on performance.

Players obtain points for anything from actual field play to off-field intangibles, such as chasing foul balls, motivational comments, and base coaching.

"It’s very interesting to see how their minds work," he said. "You’ll see some off-the-wall stuff from time to time, but that’s good because it tells you a little about the makeup of your team, both offensively and defensively.

"It’s a fun time to see what we’re made of and what we still need to improve upon moving back into our skill-work period," he continued. "There should be a lot of energy around the diamond."

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