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Greg Anderson Influences Cal Infielder Even While in Prison

TonyRenda Katie Dowd of The Daily Cal sent me this interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle where incoming Cal freshman Tony Renda has a long standing relationship with controversial and Barry Bonds former trainer Greg Anderson that dates back to 8th grade. Renda stated to the Chronicle the following “I think he’s the best trainer in the area, the best in California and the best in baseball, he understands the game and what muscles you need. You can lift with him a lot and talk about a lot. He’s young enough where he can relate." Anderson pled guilty of supplying athletes with Steroids in 2005 and served three months in prison. He also was in prison for an additional year for contempt of court in the Barry Bonds perjury case. When Anderson was in prison, Renda would write to Anderson to get advice on workouts and other ways to help his training.


What do you think about a convicted Steroids dealer training your son or daughter?

You can check out the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle by clicking here.

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